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65-51 Lavender Ranger's Top 100 Power Rangers Episodes

Continuing with the top 100, these were accumulated by two questionnaires and various polls on here Henshin Grid and my own opinions. You know that not everyone will agree with all of these or the order.


 65. Trial By Fire (PRLR)  
Captain Mitchell teaches Carter a lesson, one that he probably had to learn more times over as the Rangers continued shooting before thinking all season long. 

64. Perspective (SPD) 
You can say everyone has an opinion or has their own view on things, in this episode the 5 Rangers tell their own story on what occurred... usually with them in the spotlight. But then they discover the truth... that a ball of light helped them. Even though footage is repeated over and over again, it is a pretty funny episode.

63. Facing the Past (PRLG) 
 I accidentally had this episode marked as a PRLR episode but it is from PRLG, I hope people didn't confuse it with "A Face from the Past." The Rangers need help and Karone, being the new member but also has inside info on powers and such, helps Leo get a new power that leads to the Battlizer. She must face her past and that means evil Astronema.

62. From Deep in the Shadows (PRLR)
 The fabulous Titanium Ranger debuts. I am still confused as to why the morpher didn't work with Carter and did with Ryan but it doesn't matter.

 61. The Mighty Mega Battles (PRLR) 
 Silly name, great episode. In revealing new battlizers (a pizza cutter and ice cannon) but pretty entertaining with the Joel/Jennifer love triangle. Joel gets jealous of a new scientist guy (the actor was a body builder and personal trainer) but it turns out he is Fairweather's brother. We also see a stereotypical nerdy Joel.

60. Katastrophe (SPD)
 Kat gets her own episode where she becomes a Ranger. It is a fun and entertaining episode, even though they say her morpher only last for 1 hour or something like that. Fans consider it a disposable morpher. In Dekaranger, her counterpart appeared for 2 episodes and in Gokaiger, for much longer.

 59. Beginnings Part 1 & 2 (SPD) 
These two episodes well establish the world of SPD and the characters, especially Jack and Sky. It has some iffy moments but more or less entertaining beginning.

58. Wormhole (SPD) 
This episode was accidentally shown early in Canada and aired in the US later on and was also a bonus episode in certain SPD DVD volumes. Even though Dr. Tommy Oliver is in this episode, he is not voice by Jason David Frank but Jeffrey P. (Trent). Many people have criticized that the Rangers made a circle and said nothing would break though but in mere sections, it dissolves. My co-webmaster Mike said both this episode and History never occurred because their memories were wiped but I think Doggie and Kat's memories were not.

 57. History (SPD)
The Dino Rangers are brought to the future and discover various things about themselves but ultimately their memories are wiped but ours aren't.

56. Passing the Torch Part 1 & 2 (Turbo)
Trade in four for another four. Carlos and Ashley were introduced before, so here we get to know Cassie and TJ and they help out Kat and Tommy. In the end, we see the old Alpha 5, Zordon, Dimitria and Alpha 6 all together. And is Justin chopped liver? I don't think so.

55. Endings Part 1 & 2 (SPD)

The A-Squad show their true colors and get taken down. Jack leaves the team. Nova gets a brief cameo and takes Sam back with her. We see a Disney-only Megazord battle and a showdown between Grumm and Doggie. In the end, Sky finally becomes the Red Ranger.

54. Legacy of Power (PRDT) 
 Bascially a clipshow but it ties in the past as canon to Dino Thunder.

53. Back in Black (PRDT)
Tommy is back and he might be 'old' but he proves he is still a pretty entertaining dude.

52. Reinforcements from the Future Part 1 & 2 (PRWF)
Teamups rank pretty high in this countdown. Not only do we get the Time Force Rangers back but Ransik's past is tied with the Mutorgs, we get a badass battle sequence with Jen and potential love with Taylor and Eric. Plus, Ransik gets cured of his Toxie face.

 51. Chase into Space Part 1 & 2 (Turbo)
 This episode also bounced around in the countdown, from the 30's to 80's and then firmly in the 50's. This was the transition episode from Turbo and In Space and what I consider the first real finale that felt like finale. The Rangers lose their Turbo powers and the Power Chamber and abandon Justin, who finally lives with his dad and his deadbeat dad gets a job. Also thank god NASADA doesn't exist in the real world, letting the 'Power Rangers' take their shuttle with no appointment by the word of a little kid and not even checking if they were four teenage jokers.

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