Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Happy 20th Anniversary Power Rangers

 UPDATED 8/28/13 5PM EST

The first episode of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers aired Saturday August 28, 1993 at 11:30am Eastern on Fox Kids. Today being August 28th, fans are celebrating by hashtagging #powerrangers20 on Twitter. I remember it was 11:30am because I saw it at K-Mart shopping with my mom and I know I slept in on Saturdays.
Saban Brands sent Power Force this cute graphic.

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frncsc_zng said...

Saban has been grotesque about the 20 Anniversary and whats ironic is that no new Power Ranger episode was aired that day or even so this anniversary weekend to commemorate the occasion. How sad and repugnant. Get it together Saban, 4 real.