Saturday, September 7, 2013

Power Rangers Megaforce - Man and Machine Episode Review

Ultra mode and Tensou now included in the opening.
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Shadow Serpent is called by Bigs from a lake. Noah gives Mr. Burley something he forgot. There is a reference to the Lochness Monster who is what the monster is based on. A construction worker and hot dog vender are frozen in place as the monster eats their shadows. A father plays catch with his son at the park. He sits with his wife when their shadows are nabbed. The poor boy calls his parents but they don't move. The Rangers are practicing at the park. Gia is about to give Jake a high five until Tensou calls. Robo Knight asks the boy who stole the shadows, the boy doesn't know, RK tells him it will be okay. Shadow Serpent and Robo Knight meet.

Robo Knight stays in the shadows and tells the Rangers to do the same as they arrive. Shadow Serprent takes down the tree they were hiding under. Red grabs Shadow Serpent, Robo Knight had a shot but wanted Red to move. It gets cloudy and Shadow Serpent leaves. The teens de-morph, RK tells them it is their fault. Jake says he is a jerk. Troy says Shadow Serpent will be back. Vrak and Bluefur go to Shadow Serpent. Vrak knows the Rangers are clever.

 Robo Knight is confronted by Troy. Troy has an idea, to work as a team. They can act like bait and RK will do an attack. Robo Knight says no, it is too much of a risk, he doesn't plan, just attack. Troy tells him to think about it, that he will see him on the battlefield. Bigs and Shadow Serpent talk under darkness. Vrak arrives and tells him that Creepox underestimated the Rangers. Shadow Serperent says Vrak has a lack of confidence in him.

At the juice bar, Emma asks Troy about Robo Knight and is positive. Troy says not everything is easy. At night, Robo Knight says the humans are complicating things. As the sun comes up, both RK and Shadow Serpent snap to action. Shadow Serpent and the six Rangers fight. Yellow and Blake make a quake, Blue makes it rain and Pink and Red make clouds, to make it dark. Shadow Serpent cracks through what they did. Circuits are overheated for Robo Knight, the Rangers say they won't leave him. They do the roll call in a quarry. The Rangers tell RK on how emotions are good and teamwork works. RK relates them to gears in a motor. Troy says their powers combine, it multiples everything. They use their Megaforce Blaster on the monster but after explosion, he is still in one piece. He tells them, "5 times zero is still zero."

 Troy tells RK they will do the plan they spoke of. Shadow Serpent steals their shadows and RK attacks the monster. Robo Knight destroys the monster. Monster calls for Vrak. Malkor asks Vrak who the monster is from his space ship. Vrak tells him to look and he makes the monster grow. The Rangers call their zords and the two Megazords (Gosei Grand and Gosei Great Megazords) fight together. They then get a new card to combine their zords (Gosei Great Grand Megazord) and defeat the monster. The people return to normal. The teens are then happy RK is an official member of the team and Jake thought that Rk was going to give them a 'robo hug.' Gia says that RK is tough as nails. Noah asks if they are related. Jake and Gia chase after Noah.

Good effort, entertaining episode. Maybe too much plot referencing. Nice reference to Creepox. Some fans were saying what took Malkor so long to notice what Vrak was doing if he is observing from his space ship. But it has only been 2 episodes since the mutants arrived.

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