Monday, September 2, 2013

Power Rangers Action Card Game Series 4 announced

UPDATED 9/28/13
(above preview thanks to ACG Facebook)
So Fury Diamond of has interviewed Andy of Bandai's Power Rangers Action Card Game Facebook page and reported there will be a series 4, which will be the last series of the year (2013). The card game will continue in 2014. Series 4 will be called "Legends Unite" and will come out in November.

  • 120 Booster Cards
  • 7 Ultra Rare cards
  • More Team Cards (except Alien Rangers). By Series 4, every team will had have a team card except for Alien Rangers. Hopefully by series 5, they will have one.
  • Series will introduce Turbo, Alien Rangers and Operation Overdrive
  • This series will have every team.
  •  Word is soon they will have the art from the horizontal Dice-O cards
  • They also say fan-favorites fan have been asking for will be applied
  • There are 7 hybrid Villain cards and 7 pure Villain cards and 5 support cards.
  • Every card in Series 4 has a unique effect and while there are no new Timing additions there is 1 new ability symbol and 1 extra special additional that they will announce later.

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Brandon Buzzelli said...

In Dino Thunder, you mention Zeltrax was only American. It should be edited that he was the only Japanese character.