Sunday, September 29, 2013

Power Rangers Megaforce - Last Laugh Episode Review

The teens are some sort of street festival and notice a comedy duo they think are funny but Noah doesn't. Gia gets suck in a gourd and other people to by No Joke, a monster Vrak sent. Malkor likes Vrak's idea of taking people who laugh, eventually empty out the world. The Rangers chase after No Joke and Robo Knight intervenes. No Joke finds out he has the Yellow Ranger in the gourd. No Joke retreats. No Joke meets the mutants and says he hates laughter and tells them the story. In an abandoned area, the four teens and Robo Knight talk and Troy gets an idea.

No Joke attacks a birthday party with a clown in a park and takes more people. No Joke gets stopped by the Rangers, Noah and Robo Knight are put forefront as they don't find stuff funny. Robo Knight and Noah lack teamwork and they fail. Jake and Emma get sucked in the gourd. Robo Knight leaves. Troy tries making Noah laugh and fails. Troy wants to make him laugh in a garage with an echo so No Joke can hear him. Troy thinks to make him laugh with scientific jokes and is successful. No Joke arrives. They morph.

They arrive at a stadium and Robo Knight does. No Joke farts, Troy laughs and gets trapped. Noah and Robo Knight does a comedy duo show for No Joke and makes him laugh. Not to be trapped, No Joke destroys the gourd and frees everyone.

Gia comes out morphed for some reason. They go to Ultra Mode. They destroy the monster, he gets big and they destroy him with Sea Megazord. Afterwards, the gang asks Noah how he saved the day and he does a joke with Robo Knight.
Best part was Troy making faces to Noah. The fart joke was tasteless, and not believable the serious Troy would find that funny. In fact, I would had accepted more as Troy as the humorless one than Noah because Noah made a joke at Gia's expense two episodes ago. Of course the jokes are lame with the puns and all.

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