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Power Rangers Megaforce - Dream Snatcher - Episode Review

 Pictures thanks to Megaforcecast:

Episode Summary:
 During the day, the gang prepare their binoculars and cameras to prepare for the meteor shower. Emma has a big lists of wishes, she had plied them down as she forgot to make the wishes. The boys rush to Ernie's Brain Freeze, last one pays. Vrak has brought the Aurora Box from his family to the Mutants. The guys think they arrive first, Jake thinks the girls will pay. Troy says to be gentlemen and don't let them pay. They then see the girls got there in advance because they took a shortcut. Back with the mutants, the Aurora Box multiples power and they decide to use it on a monster. 
A man is sleeping and the Spanish-accent monster Dream Snatcher snatches his dream of winning a car. The mutants meet up with Dream Snatcher and give him the powers. A teenage guy is singing a song about dreams on his guitar and his dreams are sucked out, since his power was multiplied, he can suck dreams of those that are awake. The rangers get called when Ernie gives Jake a bunch of Sundaes. When the monster snatches dreams, they on the ground with roots growing out of them.

The roots are to whither the world away. The Rangers fight the Dream Snatcher who uses Matador skills on them. Robo Knights arrive and the Rangers explain what the dreams are. Emma's dream is to see the meteorite shower and the monster snatches her dream and she falls into a coma (complete with a Spanish musical twang). Emma finds herself in a dimension with other victims with items of their dreams and is depressed. Robo Knight threatens to cut the roots, Noah stops him.

 Seeing a little girl there, Emma tries cheering her up. Emma's roots disappeared as she continues with her dreams. Gia says she won't go her dreams. Troy tells Robo Knight to protect Emma. They run off. Robo Knight says her dreams were more powerful than he thought. Dream Snatcher hears music and laughter. The Rangers used a trick and calls Ultra Mode. A girl wants to call a cat Hope and the others say their dreams and Dream Snatcher feels sick int he stomach. Everyone is really encouraged and they spill out of the monster. Everyone wakes up.

Emma awakes and Robo Knight doesn't understand. She says that achieving dreams is what makes them human. The Rangers fight the monster. Pink and Lion Zord head arrive. Robo Knight morphs. Emma goes Ultra Mode. Emma and RK defeat the monster together. He goes big thanks to Vrak in Malkor's ship and the Reangers call their zords. Sky Megazord and Gosei Grand Megazord fight the monster. Emma says her little speech, Gosei Great Grand Megazord is formed and destroys Dream Snatcher.

BlueFur wants to use the Aurora Box on themselves. The singing guy keeps singing with his guitar. We see the other former victims going along with their dreams. The little girl got her kitten. The Rangers meet up with Robo Knight, who is asked his dream, he says he doesn't. Jake invites him to see the Meteorite SHower, he says no. At night, the five run to the spot and sit on the grass as Emma prepares her camera. Troy looks worried, Noah asks why, Troy is worried about the Aurora Box. Noah thinks it is only a one time thing. Emma tells them to make wishes as the shower starts. Emma wants to make a wish in Robo Knight's behalf. Emma wishes their world will live in peace and harmony. Jake cherishes his hand holding with Gia. Robo Knight watches from close by at the shooting stars.

Episode Review:
Pretty great episode! When I heard about this episode in advance (because France showed it first), I knew it would be good. It sounded very Sentai-y in the sense of a Pink Ranger believing in dreams and being 'feminine' as being given a 'cute' episode or an episode that centers around an abstract concept. Also having Robo Knight being taught such things is a bit 'baby' but that is the point of Robo Knight. Where "Harmony and Dizchord" failed, this episode succeeds in being entertaining and clever. It indeed is reminiscent of Mighty Morphin episodes. I was not happy with the matador-theme, Mexican accent, and Spanish sprinkling of Dream Snatcher, also the not-so subtle stereotypical 'Spanish' music playing in the background. Him saying "Chihuahua"? Argh.

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