Monday, July 14, 2014

More toy Revelations in Bandai UK Catalog

Pics thanks to Gold Kingranger
This is from the Bandai United Kingdom 2014 Catalog
 Single Key Figures
Not much is known.
 Import Megazord
As the Gosei Great has already arrived in UK and the US around the same time. It looks like GokaiOh won't arrive until next year to both coasts.

Feature Megazord
The Super Megaforce Ultimate Feature Megazord. Here we see 14 random Ranger Keys, some appear in the Multipacks and some not, some that are 2 from one team and 3 from another. This might be come with the megazord. Here are the ones in the picture: Pink Time Force, Yellow Time Force, Black Wild Force, Yellow Wild Force, Blue Wild Force, Black Operation Overdrive, Yellow Operation Overdrive, Pink Operation Overdrive, Violet Jungle Fury Ranger, Blue Ninja Storm Ranger, Green Lost Galaxy Ranger, Red Lightspeed Ranger, Quantum Ranger, and Red Alien Ranger
Keys already in Multipacks:
  1. Red Alien Ranger
  2. Red Lightspeed Ranger
  3. Blue Ninja Storm Ranger
  4. Blue Wild Force Ranger
  5. Black Wild Force Ranger
  6. Black Operation Overdrive Ranger
  7. Green Lost Galaxy Ranger
If I had to pick 14, I'd pick: Pink Time Force, Yellow Time Force, White Alien Ranger, Yellow Alien Ranger, Yellow Wild Force, White Wild Force, Violet Jungle Fury, Yellow Operation Overdrive, Pink Operation Overdrive, Navy Ranger, Crimson Ranger, Magna Defender, Titanium Ranger, and Quantum Ranger

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