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SDCC 2014 News: Legacy Titanus, Tigerzord, Saba, Movie Morpher, PMC Exclusives, and More Ranger Keys

UPDATED 7/25/14 10:30PM EST
Pictures thanks to Sentai Rangers, TokuNation and
Pictures from @SentaiRangers

 Legacy Tigerzord, Legacy Saba, Legacy Titanus (coming soon), surprise-surprise Legacy Movie White Ranger Morpher and PMC Exclusive Violet Jungle Fury Ranger and Titanium Ranger Keys. And shocker we getting the Movie Morpher. I never imagined the day. I just bought the Gold one, I definitely am saving up for this one.

The Dino Charge Megazord toys, everyone is complaining about the Purple Dricera (Triceratops), it is supposed to be Pink.

Other Dino Charge items are the morpher (a gun), 5 inch figure and the batteries.

Following images from Tokunation:
PMC Exclusive Violet Jungle Fury Ranger and Titanium Ranger Keys. This is a surprise that we are only getting TWO keys for PMC.

 Legacy Power Morpher
White Ranger
Movie Edition

There are various Rangers in the promo poster and banners that are not live on display such as Quantum Ranger, Yellow Dino Thunder, Yellow SPD Ranger, White Wild Force Ranger, Green Dairanger, Pink Dairanger, Blue Mystic Force, Pink Mystic Force, and Lauren.
[Bold as Un-Released, Regular as Released]

Top Right to Left:
Zeo Pink, RPM Gold, Samurai Red, Ninjor, Sentinel Knight, OO Red, White Dino Thunder, Yellow Alien Ranger, Blue Jungle Fury, Black In Space, Red Dino Thunder, OO Blue, Green Lightspeed Rescue, Shadow Ranger, White MM Ranger, Blue Samurai Ranger, Blue Ninja Storm, MM Green, Lighstpeed Red, White Alien Ranger, Mercury Ranger, Blue Senturion, Manga Defender, Blue Mighty Morphin Ranger, Wolf Warrior

Second Row from top Right to Left:  
Yellow Wild Force, RPM Blue, Red Super Megaforce, Alien Black, Navy Ranger, Samurai Green, Time Force Pink, Blue Dino Thunder, In Space Red, Yellow OO, Megaforce Blue, Red Armored Mighty Morphin, Violet Wolf Ranger, RPM Yellow, Blue Wild Force, Green Super Megaforce, Silver RPM, Blue In Space, Blue Alien Ranger, Turbo Pink, Blue Zeo, Red RPM, Black Dino Thunder, White Rhino Ranger, Green Samurai Ranger (Ninja Storm)

Third Row from top Right to Left:
Lost Galaxy Blue, Samurai Gold, Lunar Wolf Ranger, Wild Force Red, Pink Samurai, Lost Galaxy Yellow, Omega Ranger, SPD Pink, Black Megaforce, Red Mystic Force, Yellow Mighty Morphin, RPM Green, Blue Time Force, Pink Lost Galaxy, Yellow Super Megaforce, Red Ninja Storm, Green Time Force, White Mystic Force, Green Lost Galaxy, Red Mighty Morphin, Black Mighty Morphin, Blue Turbo, Yellow Ninja Storm, Green SPD, Phantom Ranger

Bottom Row Right to Left:
MM Pink, Jungle Fury Yellow, Megaforce Red, Red Alien, Migty Morphin Green, Red Jungle Fury, SPD Blue, Crimson Ranger, Gold Zeo Ranger, Zeo Green, In Space Yellow, SPD Red, Blue Super Megaforce, Red Time Force, Black OO, Blue Lightspeed, Yellow Zeo, Red Turbo, Pink Super Megaforce, Yellow Mystic Force, Green Turbo, Black Wild Force, and Red Zeo

 Check out Rangercrew's close-up pics:

I won't believe it until it is seen on Amazon or stores. We were tricked at the last SDCC. There are 98 keys on display, there is about 36 unreleased, there is so far 64 keys available. There are around 10 on the banner that have not be released and were not on display (Pink and Green Dairanger, White Wild Force, Lauren, Pink and Blue Mystic Rangers, Yellow SPD, Yellow Megaforce, Yellow Dino Thunder, and Quantum Ranger) I don't know what to think!!!! My nephew Jaiden is excited about Ninjor. Phantom Ranger and Titanium Ranger (as he doesn't exist in Sentai) did not get keys in Japan so they are US-exclusives.

Picture from TokuNation:
Power Ranger Cosplayers get a special Translucent Green Ranger Key at SDCC 2014.

Some pictures from FuryDiamond of RangerCrew, MegaforceCast and RangerCrew Blog:

 According to FuryDiamond, these are the keys present (bold are unreleased):
  1. Red Armored MM Ranger
  2. Mighty Morphin Red Ranger
  3. Red Alien Ranger
  4. Red Zeo Ranger
  5. Red Turbo Ranger
  6. Red In Space Ranger
  7. Red Lightspeed Ranger
  8. Red Time Force Ranger
  9. Red Wild Force Ranger
  10. Red Ninja Storm Ranger
  11. Red Dino Thunder Ranger
  12. Red SPD Ranger
  13. Red Mystic Force Ranger
  14. Red Operation Overdrive Ranger
  15. Red Jungle Fury Ranger
  16. Red RPM Ranger
  17. Red Samurai Ranger
  18. Red Megaforce Ranger
  19. Red Super Megaforce Ranger
  20. Blue Mighty Morphin Ranger
  21. Blue Alien Ranger
  22. Blue Zeo Ranger
  23. Blue Turbo Ranger
  24. Blue In Space Ranger
  25. Blue Lost Galaxy Ranger
  26. Blue Lightspeed Rescue Ranger
  27. Blue Time Force Ranger
  28. Blue Wild Force Ranger
  29. Blue Ninja Storm Ranger
  30. Blue Dino Thunder Ranger
  31. Blue SPD Ranger
  32. Blue Operation Overdrive Ranger
  33. Blue Jungle Fury Ranger
  34. RPM Blue Ranger
  35. Blue Samurai Ranger
  36. Blue Megaforce Ranger
  37. Blue Super Megaforce Ranger
  38. Yellow Mighty Morphin Ranger
  39. Yellow Alien Ranger
  40. Yellow Zeo Ranger
  41. Yellow In Space Ranger
  42. Yellow Lost Galaxy Ranger
  43. Yellow Wild Force Ranger
  44. Yellow Ninja Storm Ranger
  45. Yellow Mystic Force Ranger
  46. Yellow Operation Overdrive Ranger
  47. Yellow Jungle Fury Ranger
  48. Yellow RPM Ranger
  49. Yellow Super Megaforce Ranger
  50. Green Mighty Morphin Ranger
  51. Green Zeo Ranger
  52. Green Turbo Ranger
  53. Green Lost Galaxy Ranger
  54. Green Lightspeed Rescue Ranger
  55. Green Time Force Ranger
  56. Green Samurai Ranger (Ninja Storm)
  57. Green SPD Ranger
  58. Green Mystic Force Ranger
  59. Green RPM Ranger
  60. Green Samurai Ranger
  61. Green Super Megaforce Ranger
  62. Black Mighty Morphin Ranger
  63. Black Alien Ranger
  64. Black Space Ranger
  65. Black Wild Force Ranger
  66. Black Dino Thunder Ranger
  67. Black Operation Overdrive Ranger
  68. Black Megaforce Ranger
  69. Mighty Morphin White Ranger
  70. White Alien Ranger
  71. White Dino Thunder Ranger
  72. Omega Ranger
  73. White Mystic Force Ranger
  74. Rhino Ranger
  75. Pink Mighty Morphin Ranger
  76. Pink Zeo Ranger
  77. Pink Turbo Ranger
  78. Pink Lost Galaxy Ranger (not going to be sold)
  79. Pink Time Force Ranger
  80. Pink SPD Ranger
  81. Pink Samurai Ranger
  82. Pink Super Megaforce Ranger
  83. Blue Senturion
  84. Ninjor
  85. Navy Ranger
  86. Shadow Ranger
  87. Magna Defender
  88. Phantom Ranger
  89. Wolf Warrior
  90. Crimson Ranger
  91. Solaris Knight
  92. Gold RPM Ranger
  93. Gold Zeo Ranger
  94. Gold Samurai Ranger
  95. Violet Wolf Ranger
  96. Silver RPM Ranger
  97. Lunar Wolf Ranger
  98. Mercury Ranger

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