Friday, October 10, 2014

New Super Megaforce Megazords Commercials

UPDATED 10/15/14
My 4 year old nephew Jaiden told me about this commercial he saw but I hadn't but I wasn't sure if it was real. I saw a bit of it on Instagram but Toy Planet has uploaded it so I finally saw it. It is advertising the three Megazords but also has the Ranger Keys rendered through the computer and they talk.
Toy Planet:

Second commercial, extended CGI, from Bandai:

Third commercial about Silver Legendary Morpher and Megazords (from Samuraicast)

Let me try to identify some, there is a lot of repeats. The front Red key is obviously Super Megaforce Red.
Left to Right:
Blue Wild Force, Silver Super Megaforce, Yellow Mystic Force, Green Super Megaforce, Pink Super Megaforce, Silver Super Megaforce, Red Mystic Force, Green Mighty Morphin, Silver Super Megaforce (2), Pink Super Megaforce, Blue RPM, Green Mystic Force (or RPM?), Blue Samurai, Yellow Super Megaforce, Pink RPM? (Red RPM top and Super Megaforce bottom), Blue Super Megaforce, Pink Super Megaforce, Red Super Megaforce, Green Mighty Morphin, Blue Wild Force, Green Mighty Morphin, Black RPM, Yellow Ninja Storm, Blue Samurai, Pink Super Megaforce, Blue Samurai, Pink Super Megaforce, Silver Super Megaforce, Green Mighty Morphin, and Blue Wild Force.

Here we got Left to Right: Mighty Morphin Green, Blue Wild Force, Silver Super Megaforce, Pink Super Megaforce and Yellow Ninja Storm.
 It's hard to tell but there is a lot of Purple, Yellow, Pink, Blue, Red and Green. With some Silver in there. There is about 10 yellow, 7 pink, 4 purple (could be Pink or Blue because of video compression), over 10 Red, over 10 Blue, 9 Green and 3 or 4 Silver.

Silver Super Megaforce Ranger and RPM Red

 In this shot there is Samurai Blue, Mystic Yellow, Super Mega Pink, Super Mega Silver, Ninja Storm Yellow, Wild Force Blue and Super Mega Red

Super Mega Pink, Super Mega Blue, Super Mega Silver, RPM Red, Mystic Yellow, Mystic Green, RPM Black (Red repaint), Super Mega Red, Wild Force Blue, Super Mega Green, Super Mega Yellow, Mighty Morphin Green, and Samurai Blue

 Mighty Morphin Green

 Green Mystic Force, other keys are Wild Force Blue, Super Megaforce Pink and Yellow Mystic Force.

The keys present and can be seen which ones (parenthesis is how many repeated):
  1. Blue Wild Force (2)
  2. Blue RPM (repaint of Red)
  3. Blue Super Megaforce
  4. Blue Samurai (2)
  5. Silver Super Megaforce (6)
  6. Yellow Mystic Force
  7. Yellow Super Megaforce
  8. Yellow Ninja Storm
  9. Green Super Megaforce
  10. Green Mighty Morphin (4)
  11. Green Mystic Force
  12. Pink Super Megaforce (6) 
  13. Pink RPM (Repaint of Red)
  14. Red Mystic Force
  15. Red RPM
  16. Red Super Megaforce 
  17. Black RPM Ranger (Repaint of Red)

Keys not released yet: Black RPM Ranger -- which now I think is a mistake
Even though I don't like that they are repeats (I mean I think of 50 Rangers they could had replaced with), it is still a cool commercial. Pink Super Megaforce and Silver Super Megaforce are repeated the most. They basically only had 14 keys. This was most likely made by a separate company and was only gave 14 designs and they only had the budget to make 14 keys on the computer.

It's dark but I spotted: Green Lightspeed, Mighty Morphin Green, Green Mystic, Green Lost Galaxy, Yellow SM, SPD Blue, Blue Turbo, MM Blue, Red Space, Red Megaforce Red MMPR, Red Zeo, SPD Red, Time Force Red, and Wild Force Black.

Razzle1337 has found in the TRU (Toys R Us) system 15 Ranger Key Packs under the number 171294 and the old number was 043674 which had 24 packs. Razzle says it usually goes by item listing, then few days later item name, a week later item description and finally the image. The fifteen packs are numbered 38313 through 38327. With 38310, 38311, 38312 we will have 18 new packs coming in, mostly likely between October to December 2014. There is still no word on what the names of the packs yet and as of this moment, they have not been spotted at stores yet.

He found another three eariler:
38310 - Mighty Morphin Pack C
38311 - Mighty Morphin Pack D
38312 - Super Megaforce Pack C

RangerCrew has an HD version

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