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Power Rangers Super Megaforce - In The Driver's Seat - Episode Review

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 Episode Summary:
Gosei tells the Rangers of an emergency signal from Corinth and not to go, they say they'll go. They enter the wormhole and then Professor Cog closes it on them. Professor Cog and the Grinders enter the city through a farmer. Vekar and his crew don't like this. The Rangers see Corinth from the top of the Sky Ship, it seems empty except for the Turbo Falcon, which could not be controlled. Jake tells it stop with a megaphone, Noah and Emma try to with no luck. Gia screams at it and it makes a U-turn. Troy chases it and it attacks the Sky Ship.

The Rangers pit their helmets on and get in their zords (we don't see where Orion went) and follow the zord. Vekar, Argus and Levira and X-Borgs face Professor Cog. Gosei recognizes Cog and tells Tensou to call them. Turbo Falcon blasts Gia and Emma out of tis way. Noah blasts it and it starts flying. Troy blasts at it but doesn't make a clean hit. Troy has the idea to tame it. He knocks Turbo Falcon down. The five morph into the Legendary Megazord. They jump on top of the zord. Tensou can't reach them. The wormhole is gone.

Levira and Argus fight off Grinders. Cog calls them lame and incompetent. Troy tells them that their mission is complete, they get a call from Gosei. The communication goes out and they are 'stuck' on Corinth. Turbo Falcon revs and Gia thinks it wants to help. It flies and tries to create a portal. Gia thanks it and they go into the Sky Ship. They go through the rift and the villains see them. The six go down and fight the two factions of villains. Cog wants to join forces. Levira is not for it, the three generals leave. Cog blasts them.

The Rangers change to RPM. Cog sends X-Borgs and Grinders against them. Cog attacks them and they use their weapons against him. They change back to Super Mega and call for the Cannon. He becomes bigger. They call the Megazords. The RPM keys glow. Gosei says Turbo Falcon wants to lend his powers. They use the RPM keys to open the wormhole (why didn't they do it before?) and enter the Engine Cell and Turbo Falcon grows larger and attacks Cog.

They climb on it and make the Legendary RPM Megazord. They slash Cog, fly in the air and finish him off. Turbo Falcon leaves the Rangers near where the Wormhole opened. Gia talks to it, it leaves through a rift. Jake doesn't get how she understands the zord. They have no ride home, they try ask the tractor but he avoids them as he was tricked by Cog. They walk and Jake steps on mud and they call him the Brown Ranger.

Episode Review:
They used the Machine World from the footage and called it Corinth. No dome, no people. Not even an explanation. Some fans have joked there is a curfew. Kids can easily go on Netflix and see RPM and not recognize it because RPM barely used footage of the Machine World because it was barely seen on Go-Onger. They refered to one attack as "Grand Prix" which is more Go-Onger than RPM.  This episode reminds me of "A Lion Alliance" because it went to a familiar setting but didn't see anyone familiar. Also we are not getting a Gia-centric episode AT ALL on the show. And no I am not counting the one with Emma where they hated each other. We barely have learned anything about Gia, she remains mysterious. When you think about it, the episode is advertise the Turbo Falcon and it is all over the episode so there you go. 

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Colin George-Babb said...

My headcanon is that Flynn and his dad must have gone into overtime with Corinth's new security sytems