Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Villain Profile: Gorganus

Gorganus was the main villain of Tattooed Teenaged Alien Fighters of Beverly Hills, he was out seeking Power Portals, one hub being Earth. He wanted to destroyed it. Of course Nimbus and the Galactic Sentinels stood in his way. He fought Nimbus on other planets. He had a partner bird Lechner who when he went on vacation he left in charge. Lechner almost defeated the heroes more effectively by sending multiple monsters than Gorganus ever did but then Gorganus came in and stopped what Lechner was doing. Gorganus fought against the Galactic Sentinels just once (last episode), they didn't destroy him but did deter him. He sends monsters to conquer the Earth that are in small toy-like form and he had 're-program' them and re-create them. He often calls the monster back before it is destroyed and later sends it back. He often uses the device with many buttons on his wrist to call his monsters or send them away. He uses a microscope like device to watch the battles.

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