Thursday, November 13, 2014

Villains Week: VR Troopers Villain Figures Show Accurate?

I always wonder why Bandai didn't do VR Troopers as they did Metalder and Speilban. At PMC 4, I found out that Bandai thought there was no point to make toys for an old series. Probably they already lost the patterns and models for the toys from the 80's. Kenner (now owned by Hasbro) opted to make the toys. So here I compare the action figures of the villains with how they look on the show.. if it was show accurate.

He was just a monster of the day, his face became black, he remained with silver, red and black and his cape but slight differences. He was from the Metalder footage.
General Ivar
General Ivar kept his cape and most of his details in tact. The silver triangles on his lapel did move up though and some of the buttons on his chest changed.He was one of two figures to be from the Speilban footage.

Dark Heart
The robot that turned out to be Ryan's father, the yellow lining became white, the red remained, some black parts became grey. He was the second from the Metalder footage.

While the color seems to be off, it is actually a lighter version, while the show version wasn't a dark green, it was much in the spirit. The figure doesn't look as bulky as the real one though. He was the 3rd from the Metalder footage.

Air Striker
It was hard to tell by the show but I think he was more black and red than purple and gold but other than the colors, I think he is more or less show accurate. He was the 4th from the Metalder footage.

They were show accurate. They are the second villain figures to be from the Speilban footage. That I know of, there was no villain figures that were made that came from the Shaider footage (season two VR Ryan).

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Erica Link said...

Wow, Dark Heart looks awesome! He's got that mysterious look that I love, and he reminds me of the Kamen Riders from 555. It sounds like he had an awesome story as well since I love plot twists.