Monday, January 5, 2015

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 13 - Reincarnation - Episode Review

 Episode Summary:
Usagi and Mamoru gets swallowed in Queen Meteria and a bunch of innocents in Tokyo. The four senshi give up their physical forms to give Usagi her physical form again. Usagi and Mamoru make the crystal complete again. Mamoru isn't dead because Usagi's sword pierced the Shittenou in their gem forms and not Mamoru. Shittenou tell Mamoru to hit the mark on Meteria's head and he tells Usagi. Usagi uses the crystal against the villain. Mamoru gives Usagi support and strength and her Moon Stick extends. She is about to give Meteria a blow but that's for next time.
Episode Review:
It had a better final act than in the beginning. This show suffers from very little characterization. Sure, it has more information on the Dark Kingdom arc but it also lacks emotion and heart. For example, when the Senshi think back to how Usagi made them smile, some of them just focus on one thing she told them as it was the only thing. there hasn't been much one-on-one action between Usagi and the Senshi. Also, Meteria swallowing Mamoru and Usagi is from the manga but still seems pretty stupid. I would had like it if they had come up with a newer and better plot Meteria, or even a physical body for her, she's just a purple blob.

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