Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Wrong Keys in New Ranger Key packaging

BigMike8109 found twice Ranger Keys mis-packaged, meaning the wrong keys on new packaging at Toys R Us in California. This is not fake or photoshop. He has found them in two different stores. This often goes under the joke "You had one job." I find it curious none of the Rangers on the actual box is in the package nor any new keys except Translucent Green Lost Galaxy.
Lost Galaxy:
Translucent Lost Galaxy Green
Jungle Fury Yellow
Aquitar Blue
While the real Lost Galaxy Set B should have Magna Defender, Yellow Ranger and Translucent Lost Galaxy Green

Translucent Red Mighty Morphin
Translucent Blue Mighty Morphin
Translucent White Mighty Morphin
While the real Zeo Set B should have Gold, Pink and Green Rangers.
Alien Rangers:
Mighty Morphin Red Ranger
Translucent Green Mighty Morphin
Operation Overdrive Blue
While the real Alien Set B should have Ninjor, Yellow and White Rangers.
Ninja Storm:
Lost Galaxy Green
RPM Yellow
Ninja Storm Red
While the real Ninja Storm Set B should have Green Samurai Ranger, Navy and Crimson Rangers.

He bought them as they are a rare collector piece. 

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