Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Guest Ranger or Recurring Ranger Actor in Opening Sequence

Claire Blackwelder was suspected to be the Purple Ranger since she was casted as Kendall in Power Rangers Dino Charge. She is a main character and is on the main cast and gets a 'title card' like the other Rangers but without a color. Eventually she might be a Purple Ranger and it will be changed to purple. Matt, Riley's brother, is rumored to be the Graphite Ranger and this has reached to debate as to why he is not in the opening sequence. We'll see. I used to work in TV and studied Television Production, I know a little bit about the mechanics of television. Also, I remember the first time I read 'Guest Ranger' was in a Disney Adventures article about Power Rangers where Tommy mentioned he was a 'Guest Ranger,' to not appear in every episode.
This post is about how guest Rangers, Extra Heroes or other superpowered heroes are not in the opening credits and why. It has to do with money and status. For example, the main 5 Rangers in most series are considered main cast and get paid the most and appear in every episode after their debut, sometimes they get credited and are not in the episode. Now when it comes to others like Kimberely Crossman (Lauren of Samurai), she was just a recurring character, she was not part of the main cast, only appeared in 3 or 4 episodes. She did not get a 'title card' but did appear in the opening sequence of Power Rangers Samurai.
Alex Dodd/Phantom Ranger/Turbo
Alex Dodd played the voice, he got credited in the ending credits and not in the opening sequence.
Kerrigan Mahan/Magna Defender/Lost Galaxy
Kerrigan Mahan played Goldar in MMPR and did the voice of the original Magna Defender. He only got credit in ending credit but not opening sequence.
Jason Chan/ Cameron/Green Samurai Ranger/Ninja Storm
He was part of the main cast for the whole season of Ninja Storm. His title card was a generic card and then when he became a Ranger, he had a similar one to the others. This might happen with Kendall Morgan in Dino Charge.
Michelle Langstone/Kat/Kat Ranger/SPD
She played Kat in Power Rangers SPD. She had a title card through the whole season and was part of the main cast. She became a Ranger in one episode and this was not reflected in the opening sequence, even though Kelson Henderson's title card was later acknowledge he was the fan fake ranger.
Antonia Prebble/Nova/Nova Ranger/SPD
Antonia Prebble voiced Nova in one episode of Power Ranger SPD. An extra played her human form briefly. She was just a guest voice actor. She did not appear in the opening sequence. Probably as she appeared in the last episode.
Peta Rutter/Udonna/White Ranger/Mystic Force
She was in the main cast and appeared in the opening sequence, she didn't appear in every episode. She transformed into the White Ranger in only two episodes, the opening sequence did not reflect this. She did not get her own title card.

 Chris Graham/Leanbow/Wolf Warrior/Mystic Force
Chris Graham played Leanbow's human form. Geoff Dolan voiced Koragg in Mystic Force. Koragg the Wolf Knight appeared in the opening sequence but not Wolf Warrior (I think).
Paul Gittens/Master Finn/Shark Ranger/Jungle Fury
Bruce Allpress/Master Phant/Elephant Ranger/Jungle Fury
Oliver Driver/Master Swoop/Bat Ranger/Jungle Fury
The Spirit Rangers did not appear in the opening sequence, their actors were just recurring characters and not part of main cast. In television, supporting characters may appear in more than half of the episodes per season. A recurring character is a fictional character, usually in a prime time TV series, who often and frequently appears from time to time during the series' run. Recurring characters often play major roles in more than one episode, sometimes being the main focus. Recurring characters also appear in less or more than just half of the episodes per season, with five appearances considered a minimum. Recurring characters usually start out as guest stars in one episode but continue to show up in future episodes if the storylines or actors are compelling enough. Sometimes a recurring character eventually becomes part of the main cast of characters.
Chris Auer/Robo Knight/Megaforce
Chris Auer played the voice, Robo Knight had no title card in the opening sequence. He did appeared in the Opening Sequence though.
Rangers that did not get 'title card' in opening sequence:
- Phantom Ranger (Turbo)
- Magna Defender (the original in Lost Galaxy)
- Omega Ranger (SPD)
- Nova Ranger (SPD)
- Wolf Warrior (Mystic Force)
- Spirit Rangers (Jungle Fury)
- Lauren (Samurai)
- Robo Knight (Megaforce)
So maybe not all the Dino Charge Rangers will get 'title cards' in the opening sequence, my guess is that Kendall will be Purple and get that title card to reflect that. Graphite Ranger might just be a guest and not get a title card. Aqua is questionable and so is Silver. Talon (KyoryuNavy) judging by the footage, he might just be a guest. Gold, being a sixth, of course will be in the opening sequence.


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