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Power Rangers Dino Charge - The Tooth Hurts - Episode Review

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Episode Summary:
Riley is training on the track field in a stadium. on the ship, Cavity makes cakes for Poisandra's wedding and she wants a bad one. Fury eats it and hurts his teeth. Sledge tells Cavity to make one for the Rangers. In the base, Chase is relaxing and criticizing Riley's training. At the Café, the monster tied up the cooks and gave the patrons poison cake. The Rangers chase him out. Chase and Riley fight the monster. They argue over how to fight it. Kendall and Riley try to analyze the cakes of the victims. Chase is about to throw the cakes away. Riley and Chase get in another fight. Chase dumps the trash on the table. Kendall kicks them out. Chase runs off on his skateboard. Riley mopes in the base and Keeper gives advice about two different paths and one destination.
Cavity gets mad at Poisandra and Curio (who want cake) and says his loyalty is to Sledge. Chase is on his skateboard and follows where he hears screaming. Cavity blasts at buildings. Riley practices in the base and is surprised that Chase found the monster. Chase morphs and fights Cavity and ends up with a toothcake/de-morphed. Riley comes to the rescue and both of them fight Cavity. Riley tells Chase he will protect him and pushes Chase out of the way. He fights the monster and the others arrive and shoot him away. Riley tells Chase he though he was at the skate park. Chase tells him why would he play if there was a monster on the loose. He explains they do things differently but still work for the same cause.
They morph. Chase is still in pain. They fight the Viviks (at least they are not fighting Earwax). Riley helps out Chase. The other three are knocked down. Riley tells Chase to work together, they use the Dino Blade and Para Charger and he manages to power slash Cavity's teeth away. Riley gives Chase his Dino Charger and he puts it in the Dino Morpher and defeats the monster. Poisandra wants the monster saved. Sledge makes it grow. They form the normal formation of Dino Charge Megazord. Cavity is tough to fight. Green and Black have an idea. Tyler uses the Dino Blaze Charger and throws fire at the monster. Black and Green enter the cockpit. Stego changes into Stego Saber.
 They beat the monster and then do Final Slash, finally destroying it. Riley and Chase congrat each other. Poisandra falls down crying. She says she doesn't care for Energems. Fury says she hasn't defeated the Rangers. Sledge tells Fury he hasn't done anything either. Chase arrives at the stadium, telling Riley he will join in for a run. Riley apologizes to Chase. Chase classically doesn't hear it. The others arrive in gym clothes wanting to train as well. Riley says no rule. Chase says he will use a skateboard. Koda is confused. Riley says to adapt, Chase says its dangerous. Riley makes a backflip and they all run after him doing stunts.
Episode Review:
A good episode with character development. I am starting to like Riley. When the cast was introduced at PMC, I thought Green was going to be the funny one. The actor looks like a funny guy. Turns out Chase has more of the quips. Riley's actor Michael Taber still finds the humor in the lines. Keeper surprised me at being an actual apt mentor, reminding me of a bit of RJ, Zordon and Sensei from Ninja Storm.

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T.K. said...

It's a sign of the quality of this series so far when your biggest complaint is them wasting time showing Chase's morphing sequence twice when they could've added another scene of, for example, Kendall working on the antidote for Cavity's toothaches, especially since they didn't overtly show that killing the monster cured the toothaches like they did in the Sentai.