Thursday, October 8, 2015

New Re-colored Dino Charge Zords coming soon

Remember when Bandai America made a set of Dino Charge toys of zords with Dino Thunder colors with their chargers like Pachy, Ankylo, Stegazord and Tricerazord? Remember when Bandai America would release re-colored toys in the Disney Era? Well...

Pachy Zord has been released in some stores in its regular colors. But these pics found by Razzle1337 are from a Japanese website that gets the toys early, they aren't in stores in the US yet. Here it is purple, like the Pachyzord in Dino Thunder. I find it funny they had it even a different color in the back of the box. This is under the Dino Supercharge label.

Ammonite Zord, a toy-only zord (won't be on the show) apparently gets an Aqua recoloring. It is under the Supercharge name. It looks like Parazord will be getting a green recoloring and Raptor a red coloring.

 Deinosuchus gets its own zord-only toy (will not be on the show)

Ankylo Zord is getting release, in its regular Aqua color. Perhaps it will get a re-coloring later on.
 Also Dino Charge Megazord and Ptera Charge Megazord will be packed together as Megazord Deluxe Pack.

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