Saturday, November 28, 2015

New Dino Supercharge Dino Charger Power Packs spotted

UPDATED 12/11/15 8:30 PM EST
Updated the Dino Chargers List
8 new packs were found under the Dino Supercharge label. It seems the translucent Dino toys are under "Series 2" and regular ones are "Series 1" regardless of season. There will also be re-packaged toys under the "Supercharge" label, some spotted have been Sledge and Puzzler among others.
Pics from @AdamEric26 who lives in Colorado Springs.
 Translucent Dino Slow with All-Blue Dino Slow Charger and "Egg" Ptera Charger and Translucent Dino Helio comes with All-Blood Orange charger and "Egg" Pachy Zord Charger.

Super T-Rex with the Supercharger and #23 Dino Clone Fossil Charger and Translucent Dino Armor X with All-Orange charger and "Egg" Ankylo Charger.

Plesio with regular Plesio charger and Fossil Victory Charger and Ankylo with regular Ankylo Charger and Fossil Supercharge T-Rex 1+.

 Following from @rangercrew 's Ranger Crew Media Instagram page
Translucent Dino Cupid with All-Magenta charger and "Egg" Dino Squash and Dino Blaze with All-scarlet charger and "Egg" Dino Cycle charger.
Maximum T-Rex (Gold) with Fossil #7 and Translucent and Glittery Maximum charger.

Translucent Ankylozord with All-Aqua Ankylo Charger and Egg Plesiozord.

Silver Victory T-Rex with Fossil Plesio and Translucent and Glittery Victory Charger

Dino Clone with #23 and Fossil Maximum charger

#16 with All Indigo Charger and Egg #23
Oviraptor with #17 all-color and Egg 1+
Translucent Plesiozord with All-Purple and Egg #1

If all Chargers have four versions: Regular, Fossil, All-color (Animation) and Translucent All-color with Yellow (or Egg), then we are missing about 24 more chargers. There are 15 so far, if all waves have 12, 9 more for the next wave (Fall 2016). Since the Maximum and Victory Chargers are glittery and translucent, they might do that for +1 T-Rex Supercharger.

We are missing 15 which would be 7 packs:
 1. Brachio Charger
[I assume Brachio pack]
2. Dino Armor Charger (Egg)
3. Brachio Charger (All Silver)
[I assume translucent Brachio zord]
4. Brachio Charger (Fossil)
5. Brachio Charger (Egg)
6. Dino Laugh Charger (All Lavender)
[I assume Dino Laugh Translucent]
7. Dino Hypnotize Charger (egg)
8. Dino Helio Charger (egg)
9. Spino Charger
[I assume Spino zord pack]
10. Spino Charger (egg)
11. Spino Charger (fossil)
12. Spino Charger (all navy)
[I assume Translucent Spinozord]
13. Egg Victory Charger
14. Egg Maximum Charger
15. All Silver Dino Clone Charger
It really saddens me that this much effort has been put in the Dino Charger packs when there was so little in the Ranger Key packs. There is so far over 32 Dino Charger Power Packs and there will probably be over 48 of them. As for the Ranger Keys, they had around 40 packs. I understand that Super Megaforce only lasted one year and that Dino Charge is running for two but it is still unfair they had to discriminate against gender.

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Unknown said...

The gold and silver T-rexes look great. I didn't intend to get a lot of power packs at first, but this new wave looks rather tempting. And not too badly priced for what you get.