Saturday, November 28, 2015

Power Rangers Dino Charge - Wishing for a Hero - Episode Review

Pictures from Power Rangers Twitter
The Rangers orchestrate an elaborate plan as construction workers to find a new Purple Ranger by putting Kendall in fake danger but only find a guy wanting money. Kendall berates him and Chase gives him money. Kendall and the boys do it again and again but with no results. The Energem does not react. She says an unbonded Energem will be dangerous if it falls into wrong hands. Fury stops Wishstar from attacking them, saying he is after the Purple Energem. Wishstar freezes Fury with a wish and runs off. A fortune teller calls the Rangers' attention with her wish cards which WishStar tampered with. Tyler and Shelby bump into them. Koda and Chase make wishes. Koda's wish comes true with a burger and Chase with a girl. Shelby, Tyler and Ivan also make wishes.
Sledge is made at Fury about losing Wishstar. Sledge figures out a plan and digs out the dangerous solitary confinement cell.. Heckel (Power Rangers Twitter spelling)/Heckyl (Closed Captioning spelling), which scares the other monsters. Sledge says Heckyl looks human and wants him to get the Purple Energem. Heckyl wants blows up two blue guards and a partnership. Heckyl opens the cages and Fury closes them. Sledge says they have a deal. Tyler wants a picnic but only Shelby is in. Kendall and Riley keep searching for the Ranger. Ivan covers Chase's shift. Koda is sick. Shelby's wish was to be alone with Tyler which is coming true.
Shelby gets wet with bubble soap on the picnic. Shelby's good turns out to be full of CGI ants. Tyler and Shelby shake off ants. Shelby slips the word 'date' in. Tyler gets distracted by a man who she thinks is his dad, chases after him and bumps into Wishstar. Shelby blasts it and Wishstar runs off. Shelby thinks both their wishes went bad. Shelby doesn't admit her wish was a date. Ivan's wish comes true in saving a Damsel in Distress in an employee falling after talking with Kendall. Kendall figures out all the wishes of the Rangers.  Kendall goes to wish for a Purple Ranger while Ivan's shoulder hurts.
In the cave, Ivan complains of injuring his back. Koda has a stomach ache. Chase returns, saying the girl broke his heart and his skateboard. Tyler and Shelby arrive and they figure out the wish cards are cursed. They run off to stop Kendall. They can't stop her in time and she gets saved by Heckyl when almost run over by a car. She thinks he is her Ranger and eve though the Rangers arrive, she tries to give him the Energem. His hand glows blue and the gem ends up with Wishstar. Heckyl runs off. Fury arrives and wishes him to explode and takes the Purple Energem and leaves. The Rangers morph and fight Wishstar. They make the T-Rex Chopper and Triple Striker and take down Wishstar. With Dino Spike, he is out and made giant. The Megazord calls Ankylo and Pachy and are held back by Vivizords. Pterazord helps them. They destroy the villains.
Wrench makes Sledge a blaster with the Purple Energem. Heckyl returns and call Sledge a partner. He wants to put Heckyl in his cage. Heckyl gets knocked back in thanks to the Purple Energem. Heckyl says Sledge will pay. Back at the cave, Ivan wishes they didn't make wishes. Keeper says a weak speech. Kendall says the obvious. Riley wants to use logic and break into his ship to get the Energem.
(Picture from Davi Santos' Twitter)
Heckyl is a hell of a villain, I would rather have him replace Sledge as the main villain. He is great and I feel great chemistry between him and Sledge. Heckyl's monstrous side is Snide and Snide will get an action figure soon. Heckyl's actor is great and deliciously wicked. The suit for Snide is actually Neo Gieldon from Kyoyruger vs Go-Busters. So technically Heckyl doesn't have a counterpart in Kyoryuger but he pretty much serves as a wrench in the cogs like Deviot of Lost Galaxy, Serrator of Samurai or even Vrak of Megaforce. I like the progress between Shelby and Tyler but dislike the obviousness of Tyler wishing for his dad. Would've been nice that the surprise was that Tyler didn't wish for his dad.

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