Saturday, December 5, 2015

Power Rangers Dino Charge - Race to the Rescue Christmas - Episode Review


 Pictures from Power Rangers Twitter
Santa is visited by children in an outside gazebo until Poisandra and Curio make them run away. Poisandra wants presents, Santa looks at footage of her attacking the Rangers so calls her naughty in his computer. He calls her naughty and she steals the computer. Santa bemoans this. The Rangers reminisce over the year at a Christmas dinner. Chase comes in late, he is off to the Airport to go back to New Zealand and gives them all presents. Santa calls them on their Dino Coms. He tells them of his dilemma. Back with the baddies, Wrench sees how naughty he was with a bomb in the computer. He wants to destroy it but Poisandra stops him, she wants to find the base so they start with the Green Ranger. They see footage of him fighting Fury and Puzzler.
The computer calls Riley nice for saving his fiends. They then check Pink Ranger, she found Tyler's bracelet and gives it back and fighting Bones. Then footage of her helping a friend with sketches getting famous. The computer calls her nice. We see Chase's mom and sister find out news about Santa. Chloe says Chase returning matters to her more than presents. The baddies watch Koda save his brother and a little boy, he is labeled nice. Chase is next, he saved a baby. Also Chase mastering the Dino Armor X to save the others. The baddies are mad they still don't know their base location. The Rangers track down Curio. The Rangers morph and fight Viviks.
They then see SIr Ivan fight Fury in the past and helping the Rangers fight Bones. Then Kendall asking Ivan about his wish and he helping a girl falling off step ladder. The Rangers continue fighting. Poisandra asks about the Red Ranger, we see footage of Tyler and Shelby meeting Riley and Tyler fighting Fury. Poisandra tries tracking down where the base is with the computer. The Rangers run in the warehouse. They see footage of them entering the dinosaur head.
The Rangers run in and the others run off, so they don't see the footage. Tyler spots himself in the footage in the computer. Shelby figures out their plan. They run off and fight the bad guys and a Blue Head. It grows big and they call Dino Charge Megazord with Ankylozord. Pterazord helps. Koda calls Stegazord and it forms while PteraCharge Megazord takes the Ankylozord. They do hammer punch on the foe. Chase says its too late for him to go home. Later we see Chase's mom telling Chloe that Chase missed his flight. Chloe is upset. Back at the base, Kendall shows them news that Santa has been spotted sending presents. Chase comes in sad, saying he is the worst brother. Keeper says he is the best brother in the world. Santa comes in the base and thanks them and offers to take Chase home. Everyone says Merry Christmas. Chase's gift is a puzzle with their pictures. Chase and Chloe hug at home.
They make a big deal of the baddies entering the base but they let Santa in? I mean, they helped him but they didn't even make a hala-ba-loo. So apparently Koda can't read English. It was a cute episode. Not as clever as the Halloween one. And it goes with the old tradition of Mighty Morphin that Santa exists and the Rangers believe in him. Meanwhile in the real world, my niece told her son, my grandnephew Jaiden that St. Nick is dead and she is the one giving him presents.

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