Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Yellow Ranger Genders

UPDATED 6/18/17
Counting Kyuranger, there is 37 Yellow Rangers in Super Sentai. I decided to cover this because now after ten years, Toei has decided to have male Rangers again and thrice in a row. Yellow Rangers started as male from the beginning in 1975 and started being female in 1984 after 5 Yellow Rangers. JAKQ, Battle Fever J, Changeman, and Kyoryuger were four series without Yellow Rangers. In 2013, there was no Yellow Ranger in Kyoryuger because reportedly Toei said it had to be female and they didn't think yellow female would be 'brave' enough to fight off a Zyudenryu (zord). So after that, they tried a male Yellow Ranger again. So far there has been 20 males and 17 females in Super Sentai.

Super Sentai
1. Ki Ranger
2. Denji Yellow
3. VulPanther
4. Goggle Yellow
5. Dyna Yellow
6. Yellow Lion
7. Turbo Yellow
8. Yellow Owl
9. Tiger Ranger
10. Kirin Ranger
11. Ninja Yellow
12. Ginga Yellow
13. Go Yellow
14. Time Yellow
15. Gao Yellow
16. Hurricane Yellow
17. Magi Yellow
18. Kininjer
19. Zyuoh Lion
20. Yellow Kajiki (Kyuranger)

1. Yellow Four
2. Yellow Flash
3. Mask Yellow
4. Five Yellow
5. Oh Yellow
6. Yellow Racer
7. Mega Yellow
8. Abare Yellow
9. Deka Yellow
10. Bouken Yellow
11. Geki Yellow
12. Go-On Yellow
13. Shinken Yellow
14. Gosei Yellow
15. Gokai Yellow
16. Yellow Buster
17. Toq 3gou

In Power Rangers, there has been 20 official Rangers. 5 male Rangers from Sentai were turned female in Power Rangers (Mighty Morphin, Lost Galaxy, Lightspeed, Time Force and Wild Force). With Super Megaforce, we saw Dairanger as Legendary Squadron, Flashman as Supersonic and Maskman as Blitz (or Lightning). Since Kirinranger of Dairanger was male but female Yellow Super Megaforce Ranger became that ranger, we only saw the Legendary Squadron Yellow Ranger as female. We technically did not see the Yellow Prism Ranger (Flashman) on the show but we know she exists.

Power Rangers (male indicated)
1. Mighty Morphin Yellow Ranger
2. Alien Yellow Ranger (male)
3. Zeo Ranger II Yellow
4. Turbo Yellow Ranger
5. In Space Yellow Ranger
6. Lost Galaxy Yellow Ranger
7. Lightspeed Yellow Ranger
8. Time Force Yellow Ranger
9. Wild Force Yellow Ranger
10. Ninja Storm Yellow Ranger (male)
11. Dino Thunder Yellow Ranger
12. SPD Yellow Ranger
13. Mystic Force Yellow Ranger (male)
14. Operation Overdrive Yellow Ranger
15. Yellow Cheetah Ranger
16. RPM Ranger Yellow
17. Samurai Yellow Ranger
18. Megaforce Yellow Ranger
19. Super Megaforce Yellow Ranger
20. Legendary Squadron Yellow Ranger
21. Blitz Yellow Ranger
22. Supersonic Yellow Ranger
23. Prism Yellow Ranger
24. Yellow Ninja Steel Ranger (male)


Hallwings said...

The new series is actually spelled "Zyuohger".

And if you count Battle Cossack as a Yellow, then there have been 37 Yellows in Sentai, with 20 males and 17 females.

Lavender Ranger said...

I don't count it, it's orange, do you count toq6gou as yellow?

Hallwings said...

The reason I consider Battle Cossack to be yellow is because yellow (or gold) is part of the Soviet flag, and it's a more "traditional" color for the core Rangers as opposed to orange. Yes, I'm well aware that his costume is more orangey than yellow, but that's the way I view it, and I'm sure I'm not the only one that does so.

And for the record, I DO consider Tokkyu Rokugo to be an Orange Ranger, since he's a Sixth Ranger.

Lavender Ranger said...

regardless the flag, look at Miss America, she has pink and our Amrican flag has no pink.

Hallwings said...

True, but Pink is still a core Sentai color, unlike Orange.

Look, I consider him Yellow, and you obviously don't. Let's just agree to disagree, okay?

Lavender Ranger said...

Of course