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Sailor Moon Role Play Accessories (Sailor Moon-Sailor Moon S)

SAILOR MOON (Season 1)
Moon Stick
[Top Left] Moon Stick / Bandai Japan / 1992 / It came with three rings based on the colors of Moon, Mars and Mercury. Each ring played a different tune.
[Center Top] Crescent Moon Wand / Bandai America / 1995 / North America / Comes with ring on top of the wand, plays two different sounds. The other ring has no sound. 
[Top Right] Moon Stick - World Version / Bandai / 2000 / Internationally / It has no removable rings, it has two buttons with music and lights up. 

[Bottom Left] Moon Stick / Sonokong / 2001 / Korea / Korean wand plays sounds from the Spiral Heart Moon Rod. It is a combination of most of Sailor Moon's wands.
[Bottom Center] Moon Stick / 2011 / Giochi Preziosi / 2011 / Italy / Much like the original Japanese Moon Stick with three rings but the sounds are different. 
[Bottom Right] Moon Stick Propelica / Bandai Japan and Tamashi Nations / 2015 / It comes with sounds and lights, most accurate of the wands. 

Transformation Brooch
[Above] Moon Compact Beauty Set / 1992 / Japan / It came with a ring, earrings and two bottles of nail polish. 

[Top Left] Sailor Locket / 1995 / Bandai America / North America / It is pink and plays two sounds. It opens and has a pink jewel that lights up. 
[Top Right] 2015 / Premium Bandai Japan / Mirror Compact

Luna Pen
[Top Left] Bandai Japan / 1992 / Worked as an actual pen and the jewel lit up when clip was pressed.
[Top Center] Giochi Prezioshi / 2011 / Italy / Came with Sailor Moon Magazine and had lip gloss in top jewel and worked as pen.
[Top Right] Premium Bandai / 2014 / Japan / Working pen that is part of the Moonlight Memory Series. When clip is pressed, jewel lights up.

Crescent Moon Jewel Box
[Top Left] Bandai Japan / 1992 / It has jewels in red and the necklace has a golden chain. Based on Sailor V's pendant.
[Top right] Bandai America / 1995 / The middle ring can be placed on the Moon Wand. It came with a heart necklace on a pink string. 

Star Locket
[Top Left] Enchanted Star Locket / Bandai Japan / 1992 / played the theme song and when wind up, it spun in a circle.
[Top Right] Sailor Moon Moonlight Memory Starlit Sky Music Box / Premium Bandai Japan / 2014 / Came in god or pink. 

Transformation Pens
[Top Right] Henshin Pen Set / Bandai Japan / 1994 / Mercury and Mars Transformation pens and Luna Pen.
[Top Left] Prism Stationery / Premium Bandai / 2014 / The four Transformation pens and Luna Pen were functional pens. 

Sailor Moon Cosplay Set (2000)
World version Sailor Moon Cosplay set came with brooch, Odangos, earrings, chocker, tiara and comb. 

Crystal Star Compact
[Top Left] Bandai Japan / 1993 / Two different sounds: when opened and when crystal inside is pressed. Also had a mirror.
World Version - Bandai Japan / 2001 / Much round tops than original, same sounds.
Proplica / Premium Bandai and Tamashi Nations / 2015 / It lights up and plays music. Lid comes off while hiding hinges. 

Cutie Moon Rod
[Top Left] Bandai Japan / 1993 / It has gold buttons. It has three sounds.
[Top Second from Left] World Version / Bandai Japan / 2001 / it has red buttons and same sounds.
[Third from Left] Moon Wand / Irwin / 1997 / Red buttons and plays three tunes.
[Top Right] Moon Wand / Irwin / 2000 / Later version, colors slightly different.

Cutie Moon Rod Proplica / Premium Bandai / 2014 / long at 33cm, plays music and lights up. It comes with a Moon Palace stand. 

Crystal Star Bow Set (1992)

Neo Queen Serenity Crown (1992) 
Large enough for a child's head, light up and played music.

Henshin Wands
[Top] Bandai Japan / 1993 / Top part was nail polish. 

Bandai 2014-2016 Gashapon: Moon Stick, Cutie Moon Rod and Mercury and Mars Transformation Wands. Moon Heart Spiral Rod, Moon Kaleidoscope and Jupiter and Venus Transformation Wands. 

Other Gashapon objects were released of the Transformation wands and compacts.

[Top Right] Bandai Japan / 1993 / Came with pink string attached and had back compartment for storage and nose made sound and made antenna light up. 
[Top Right] Irwin / 2001 / Smaller, had secret compartment and motion censor with lights and sound. Press ears and it meowed. 

Communicator Watch
Bandai Japan / 1993
Actual working digital watch with interchangeable inner scout covers.

Cosmic Heart Compact
(Left) 1994  Bandai Japan (Right) 2015 Premium Bandai Propelica

Spiral Heart Moon Rod
(Left Top) Bandai Japan 1994/came with earrings, not lights (Second from Left) Bandai Japan 1994/three different sounds. Cap covering third button. (Third from Left) World Version/Bandai Japan/2002/three sounds, wand is brighter in color and no cover on buttons. (Right) Irwin/North America/1997/Same sounds as Japanese version, color slightly different. 
2015 Premium Bandai Proplica 

Prism Heart Compact
(Left) 1994 Bandai Japan - sounds and mirror (Right) Moonlight Memory Mirror Case 2015 Bandai

Pink Sugar Heart Wand
(Left) Bandai Japan 1994 - Star button lights up and plays music and has voice actress sound effects (Center) Irwin 1997 lights and sound (Second from Right) Irwin 2001 (Right) Bandai 2002 World Version, no talking but had light and sound.

Sailor Chibi-Moon Mini Wand and Bow Set
Smaller non-electronic versions. 

Holy Grail
(Left) Bandai 1994 - lights up and flashes various colors. (Right) Heartful Harmony ring box where you can place five rings to activate the theme song. 

Holy Grail 2015 Propelica. 

Rainbow Moon Chalice Room Fragrance
It is a perfume but the base is made of metal and the rest is plastic. From Premium Bandai.

Jupiter and Mercury Cosplay Sets (1994)

Bandai Japan 1994, the tailsmans of Pluto, Neptune and Uranus double as necklaces.

Sailor Neptune, uranus and Pluto's Liprods that double as a tube of lipstick, from Bandai in 1994.

Creer Beaute made lip balms of the Liprods in 2015.

2014 Earphone jack charms from Premium Bandai

2014 Premium Bandai Prism Stationery of Urnus and Neptune Lip Rods, Pluto Time Staff, Saturn Glaive, Spiral Heart Rod and Pink Sugar Heart Wand. 

Gashapon lipstick ftrom Bandai in 2016.

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