Thursday, May 19, 2016

Sailor Moon Villain Dolls

This might be the last post. When Sailor Moon came to the United States in 1995, one commentator on dolls said that Queen Beryl was a rare villain doll for girls merchandise but it wasn't as rare. Nowadays My Little Pony and Monster High have villains or rivals. Even in 1983, Jem had her villains the Misfits and She-Ra had her villains Catra and Double Face. Irwin released a number of dolls but stopped at Sailor Moon S even though the English-dubbed Anime continued until Super S. 

Amazoness Quartet (Sailor Moon Super S)
Bandai Japan 1995 PallaPalla, JunJun, VesVes, CereCere; The only time Bandai Japan made dolls of villains but technically in the Manga they were actually future Senshi for Sailor Chibi-Moon. They were not in the Anime. 

Queen Beryl Adventure Dolls
5" Bandai America doll (Left) in 1995 and Irwin doll (Right) in 1997. She is the original villain. 

Deluxe Adventure Doll Queen Beryl
(Left) 1997 Irwin doll. (Right) 11" doll with cassette tape. 

 Deluxe Adventure Dolls 
Rebeus, Prince Diamond, Emerald and Wicked Lady (Black Lady) from Sailor Moon R. Dolls made by Irwin in 1997. 

5" Adeventure Dolls
From Irwin in 1997. Rebeus, Prince Diamond, Emerald and Wicked Lady (Black Lady) from Sailor Moon R. 

 5" Adventure Dolls
From Irwin in 1997. Kaori Night and Professor Tomoe dolls from Sailor Moon S.

 Deluxe Adventure Dolls 
11" Irwin dolls came with bonus Luna keychain. Kaori Night and Professor Tomoe. 1997.

Irwin 2000 Wicked Lady Dolls (11" and 5") with improved face and makeup 

 Wicked Lady & Mini Moon Set (2001)
 Company: Irwin
Country: USA/Canada

Irwin made these prototypes of the Amazon Quartet but they never moved from this phase because of little interest in these characters. 

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