Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Important African-American Non-Ranger Characters in Power Rangers

I am all for diversity and I like it that the Power Rangers welcomed that in its minor characters as well. Here are some allies that were African-American and memorable characters that made impact in the plot.

Adelle (Aloma Wright)
We all know the juice bar was the Ranger's hangout and was owned by Ernie. But, the Juice Bar was also owned by two others. The former police Lt. Stone in Power Rangers Turbo and then in Power Rangers in Space, the place went under new management by Adelle and it was called the Surf Spot. Formerly the Youth Center, this place became just a restaurant. Adelle stood up for what she believe in and was one of the brave citizens of Angel Grove and said she was a Power Ranger in order to protect the identity of the true Rangers. Aloma Wright has been in many shows but is best known as Laverne on "Scrubs."

High Commander Renier
In Power Rangers Lost Galaxy, the highest ranking officer on the space station was not a man nor a white person, it was a proud Black Woman. She was stern but fair and gave people the benefit of the doubt. For example, Mike got trapped in the middle of a planet due to an earthquake, he was MIA but when he returned and was excused by her.

Colonel Mason Truman
In RPM, He is the highest authority in the post-apocalyptic city of Corinth. He had two sons in the military as well, Marcus and Scott. But Marcus died in the line of duty and Scott is the leader of the Power Rangers. He can be a bit stubborn at times but he really does care about his son and others, he just doesn't express it as often as Scott would prefer.

While not being an extreme major character, he was only in a few episodes, he is still worth mentioning. He gave Merrick of Wild Force a home and work and gave him moral advice.

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