Friday, August 28, 2009

Tokusatsu Super Heronies #1: Zen Pictures

There are some super heronies I can find to discuss, there are so many that haven't been discussed or scanned online. I don't know much about these series. I will be covering more as soon as I get info on them.

The following are all from Zen Pictures:
Ninjya Special Investigate Justy Wind (2007)
Four school girls became ninja warriors. Their colors were blue, red, white, and navy. This one from Zen Pictures.

Idol Squadron (2007)
Their colors were basic red, yellow and blue.

Special Unit Bionic Force (2007)
They all had symbols. Red, Blue, Pink and Green.

Meteor Rangers Cosmic Five (2007)
After a strange meteor falls to Earth, five girls sneak into the National Science Laboratory to get it. The meteor came with an alien villain and gave them armor. They combined into one warrior to save the day. Aqua, White, Red, Pink, and Yellow.

Fi-Buster (2008)
Don't know much about this one. They had the basic sentai colors of red, blue, green, pink and yellow.

Burst Ranger (2008)
This is kind of embarrassing. Their main power was concentrated on their breasts. There is a lot of tokusatsu like this, with scantly clad women---some I saw in a friend's old tape but didn't copy, this was a long time ago. I believe this one was not for children.

Idol Force (2009)
Three heronies, one female villain, all their helmets were the same. A team of Pink, Cyan and Yellow.


Duckhams said...

Idol Squadron is actually "Triple Lancer".

If I'm not mistaken some (or maybe all) of these female sentai shows are AV/Porn parodies of Super Sentai.

Duckhams said...

I take back what I've said. They're not porn but a sentai parody that focuses more on ecchi than its tokusatsu genre.

These Zen parody movies always features the heroines getting caught up by the villains and tortures them; yes, the acting may be lame or soft-looking but it's torture (like electrocution, punching on stomach, continuously beating them up, bondage etc.), a violent scene that features the heroine's embarrassment/downfall... of course, they emphasize an erotic effect.

The story and action scenes isn't great at all. Any hardcore tokusatsu fans wouldn't find this interesting unless the audience actually wants erotic scenes.

There's no blood or nudity in here. It's just in a Mature Rating/PG16 level.

Anonymous said...

You missed Venus 5

Burst Rangers

Bakunyu Sentai Pai

Fi-Buster Rangers