Friday, August 28, 2009

Non-Red Ranger Leaders


Super Sentai
Soukichi Banba/Big One
I forgot him, well, I didn't forget him, I was just not sure if he took leadership when he joined the team. He was a big show off and memorable character.

The first female leader in Super Sentai ever. She was the first non-Red ranger leader in a long time (about in 15 years). She was a stronger leader than Ninja Red. The Red Ranger was still the focus in merchandise and promos. Obviously, people don't want a female leading a team in a boys line. A producer has said in an interview that it is because of stores wouldn't sell toys for boys with a female leader because they don't think boys will want it.

Kouichirou Endou/Mega Black
While some do not consider him the leader, others do consider him the team leader at the beginning. He was not the protagonist. He was more stable than Mega Red.

Yuuri/Time Pink
Yuuri is the second female leader and the first Pink Ranger leader. She was tough as nails and has a underlined romance with Time Red.

Doggy Kruger/Deka Master
Called 'boss' in Dekaranger, he was strict, stern but fun and furry. He also had feelings for Swan but wasn't up for admitting it.

Ran Uzaki/Geki Yellow
While many don't agree that she was the leader. But Master ShaFu did call her 'captain' of the Gekiranger. So some people think that means she was captain in charge of getting new members. But she did lead the team. The others always ask her for her approval or input. When the GekiRinTohja was formed on the show, she was in the center of the image with the five of them. I wouldn't consider Jan (Geki Red) the leader, he was surely the protagonist but not the leader. Many fans were angry when Ran didn't get enough episodes or focus, fighting for the heronie.

Power Rangers

Tommy Oliver/White Ranger
Initially he was not meant to be the leader (realistic sounding rumors that the decision was made when the actors playing Jason, Trini, and Zack were fired), but all fans were happy at the time for him to be the leader. He is the only male human leader not to be a Red Ranger.
Note: Above photo was scanned by my site partner Mike Bastian.

Delphine/White Aquitar Ranger
The first female leader in Power Rangers and the second White Ranger leader. I think she was a good leader.
Note: Above photo was scanned by my site partner Mike Bastian.

Jen/Pink Time Force Ranger
Jen has an emotional story, as she was a cop who was engaged and her fiance died and then she fell in love with her dead fiance's ancestor and then found out her fiance was not dead and broke up the engagement. She was the second female leader but the first female leader in a long series, as the Aquitar Rangers were only part of a mini-series.

Doggie Cruger/Shadow Ranger
Spelled differently than his Japanese counterpart and more reptilian, he was a bit childish and had anger issues. He was the first Power Ranger to ever be married, but was not the last. Jack was indeed the leader of the B-Squad and Charlie of the A-Squad but Doggie was in charge of them. He was indeed the last non-Red leader in Power Rangers history.

~ Lavender Ranger

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Mark said...

You forgot about Big One. He didn't come until halfway into JAKQ, but he did take the focus away from Spade Ace.