Saturday, November 28, 2009

Kamen Rider Dragon Knight: Back in Black Review

"Back in Black" Review

I had to review this episode, it was so father-trucking good!!! My insider friend has been telling for months that the last 10 episodes were kick butt and he was right. Spoilers below.

Basically Kit comes back but with the Onyx deck---which Eubulon gives him. He initially doesn't want to take it, because of his nightmares of him venting Kase and Len---which we get a long flashback of. So, the twist of Ryuki is that Kit is Onyx and Adam is dragon. When Kit returns to the base, Trent and him have a funny reunion--they don't know if to hug or shake hands. Len and Kase also have a happy reunion--no mention of she will get the Siren deck back yet. Price, Hunt, and Chance can't get over why everyone is scared of them.

Adam comes to save Maya and Kit comes in, we see the twins---very good double-screen effect, not cheesy at all. They did very well with the 'double' shoulders as well. Most times when they use an actor twice in two roles on television, we see too much shoulder of the 'stand-in' double. Here, we see veyr little, making it very fluid. And the scene was rather quick, leaving little time to the eye to dwell on the same actor playing dual roles. You can really believe they are two seperate people. Or maybe I am kissing too much butt. And in the end of the episode, Eubulon decides to give Adam the benefit of the doubt---leading to the next episode, should they trust Adam when Len and Kit clearly don't?


Anonymous said...

How many episodes are left now?

Lavender Ranger said...

six episodes to go. more than RPM and ends after RPM-- mid Jan.

Anonymous said...

Kase does get the Siren deck back. Someone posted the next two episodes of KRDK (not in English though) on youtube and she has the deck back.

Lavender Ranger said...

They posted them in Spanish but horrible quality--recorded off the TV. I had to click it off, not to watch, because I couldn't bare to be spoiled. I understand spanish and I rather be surprised.

Anonymous said...

There's a better version of the Spanish one up. I watched a little bit of it but i had to stop because 1. I don't understand it, and 2. I don't want to spoil it for myself as well.