Sunday, November 22, 2009

Kamen Rider Dragon Knight - keeping track of the mirror twins

This is to keep track of the Ventaran and Earth Riders, I will update this when more twins are revealed. The biggest way to tell the difference visually is that the Ventaran Riders wear black all the time.

Kamen Rider Dragon Knight
Kit / Adam
This post isn't about telling them apart, it's more about the names, keeping track of them all. There is a lot of differences between them, what happened to them but it's all about choices. I think in the core, they are the same guy. Adam was the youngest of the Ventaran Riders and wanted out, he was 'tricked' by Xaviax and gave him in the 'in' to where the other Riders slept. Xaviax vented them all and Adam came out as the traitor. Adam and his girlfriend Sarah currently reside in a dimension Xaviax created in order for Sarah to think it's still Ventara. Kit was just a normal kid when his dad gets kidnapped by Xaviax in order to manipulate him and he had to prove himself as a warrior.

Drew / Chance
I am sure fans love that Chris Foley is back. Them having different names is interesting because it is like they are physically [dna] the same person but their parents named them different names--all by choices and differences in their planets.

James / Price
I am not crazy about the name, sound richy and stuck-up.

Danny / Hunt
It is still too early to tell the difference between the two but it seems they are both loners but danny was more about family.

I didn't cover Siren because even though Maya is the Earth Siren, she is not her mirror twin.

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Anonymous said...

I love they bring back riders from ventara. Plus having chris foley is really nice because he is such a hottie. I don't mind getting attack by mirror monster as long as he saves me. Well matt mullin can do it too.