Saturday, November 28, 2009

Poll Results: Age of Average Blog Readers

don't be shy: What is your real age?
So the average age, more or less, judging by a month this poll has been up, is ages 18 to 21.

Ages 18 to 21 -- 105 of 338 votes [31%]
Ages 13 to 17 -- 101 of 338 votes [29%]
Ages 22 to 25 -- 49 of 338 votes [14%]
Ages 10 to 12 -- 30 of 338 votes [8%]
Ages 26 to 30 -- 21 of 338 votes [6%]
Over 40 -- 18 of 338 votes [5%]
Ages 31 to 39 -- 9 of 338 votes [3%]
Ages Under 10 -- 5 of 338 votes [2%]

I am 27, so I am one of 21 that are between the ages of 26 to 30. Now, I put 'over 40' cause I knew there was going to be a few. There ended up being only 18. I was surprised there was only 9 votes for over 30, I guess I should have just put it as 'over 30' instead of 'over 40.' And it is no surprise that the Tokusatsu target audience of under 10 only reached 5. It could be that those under 10 didn't see the poll and didn't vote or isn't aware of the website. Most in the under 10 set just play games online, I know this because I am an elementary school substitute teacher currently. And when they are online, they just play games and so does my 7 year-old nephew.

And it is not surprise that the most that visit this site is from the ages of 13 to 21 because Power Rangers started 17 years ago and that target audience is 2 to 10. So when it started, most of these people grew up watching it. This is a very interesting poll. I like it. The over 30 set is not a surprise either because Super Sentai started about 34 years ago, so same thing as Power Rangers--they grew up with it.


Fantasy Leader said...

I grew up with Super Sentai (but here in the States) ;)

Marty said...

how can i post my poll results?

Lavender Ranger said...

Marty, I screen capture the poll an post the picture.