Monday, December 21, 2009

RPM: Should I post the ep 31 & 32 summaries after they air on Saturday?

The eps will air Saturday, but I won't know what happens until Saturday like everybody else. It airs at 5am on Saturdays, that's why I always get the eps early. I won't be posting the vids, only PRUploads will, on YouTube. But I will still supply the ep summaries and reviews, should I? Answer the poll & let me know!

I can't upload any more eps because I am having difficulties doing so. And I have no money to get new software. Anyhoo, we got other people who upload the eps. Plus, it is a BIG bother. Fans are annoying and bothersome and I have to wake up way early to record these freaking episodes. It's been a hell of a year. Plus, I got work & a baby nephew to babysit.

Should I post the ep 31 & 32 summaries before or after the video is post?
Before the vid is posted
After the vid is posted
No! Don't spoil us!
I'm Dumb & think you have it now


Muhammad Khairul Arif said...

better people will know a few things (while d/loading the video)

Chip said...

Definitely after they air, I've already waited two months for the finale, 5 more hours of wondering how they'll end it could kill me.

Anonymous said...

I wanna know before the episode gets uploaded!!! I'm too impatient!!!