Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Power Rangers and their Parents

I am only mentioning the parents that appeared on screen. Thanks to RFyleCreatorAnimator to this suggestion, to highlight the parents.

Jason's Mom and dad
"The Return of an old Friend Part 1 & 2"
They both wore red and only the father spoke, he was a muscle head.

Zack's Mom and dad
"The Return of an old Friend Part 1 & 2"
They both wore purple.

Trini's mom and dad
"The Return of an old Friend Part 1 & 2"
They were smarty-pants, Trini arm-wrestled Jason's dad.

Billy's father
"The Return of an old Friend Part 1 & 2"
I think I remember Billy saying he was a scientist. Billy's dad came in late to Parent's day looking for Billy. He mention his mom in one ep but she was never seen.

Kim's Parents
"The Return of an old Friend Part 1 & 2"
Kim's mom & father were divorced, Kim always looked fondly at their relationship, evidenced by the purse she had from their first date. In the two-parter, Kim's mom appeared with her new boyrfiend.

"A Brush with destiny"
By season 3, Kim's mom returned with a new French fiancee who she married and moved to Paris, France. Kim's mom only appeared in 2 episodes, played by the same actress. She was mentioned off-screen when Kim was in the hospital later in the season, through a phone call with Tommy.

Aisha's Parents
"A Brush with destiny"
In that same episode, Aisha's parents offered Kim to live with them when her mom moved to France. Aisha's parents never appeared on screen again but Kat lived with them too. By Zeo, Kat's parents had moved to Angel Grove and took in Tanya. We did not see Rocky, Adam or Kat's parents on screen.

Tanya's Parents
When Aisha met Tanya, she was a young America girl in Africa--her parents were lost. They were explorers who left her in Africa. Mid-way through Zeo, she found them on an island when they discovered Auric.

Justin's dad
In the Turbo movie, it was mentioned that Justin's mother had recently passed away. Justin's dad had to close down his martial arts studio after Justin's mom had died, since he wasn't able to focus anymore after her death. Justin was in a shelter. By In Space, Justin finally live with his father, he had a job.

Captain Bill Mitchell
In Lightspeed Rescue, Bill was the first parent (Pink Ranger Dana's dad) to have a first name and be in the main cast and was the mentor. He was hard on himself for loosing his son Ryan who he later regained.

Mr. Collins
In Time Force, also in the main cast but we didn't find out his first name and he wasn't the mentor. He was at odds with his son Wes the Red Ranger.

Cole's parents
Appearing in a flashback in Wild Force, the main villain Master Org had killed them in a rage as he had feelings for the Red Ranger Cole's mom.

Mr. Enrille
Alyssa's dad appeared in one episode, he practice martial arts. Alyssa's dad found out his daughter's true identity when he saw the White Ranger using the family technique.

Cam's dad, Sensei Kanoi
Sensei was a twin, his brother became the main villain Lothor. Cam was the Green Ranger in Ninja Storm and the Sensei was the second father mentor. He was a guinea pig for the majority of the season. Sensei's name was Kanoi but only mentioned when Cam went back in time.

Cam's mother Miko
She had died when he was young but he saw her again when he traveled back in time and she gave him the power to become the Green Ranger.

Dustin's dad
He appears briefly in one episode, making Cam miss his dad.

Sky's father
He was a former Red Ranger in SPD, he was killed by an alien, Mirloc. Sky's dad's uniform looked just like the Time Force uniform, except for the SPD badge on it. Sky got revenge on his dad in capturing Mirloc after accidentally releasing him.

Udonna and Leanbow
In Mystic Force, their mentor the White Ranger Udonna was the first parent to be a Ranger or first Ranger to be a parent. They later found out Nick was her son Bowen and that the villain Koragg was her husband and father to Nick, Leanbow. They are the second and third parents to have first names, but they didn't have surnames. Udonna was also the first mother to be a major character.

Andrew Hartford
Mac's 'father,' Andrew was the last and third father mentor. He built Mac but in the end when Mac became human, Andrew was truly his dad. He was the fourth to have a first name. He was the second to have a full name.

Master Finn
In Jungle Fury, the mentor RJ's father was a mentor as well, he wanted his son to follow in his Shark spirit ways but the Red Ranger Casey did. RJ was the Violet Ranger.

Colonel Mason Truman
The Red Ranger Scott's father is the military colonel and in charge of Corinth. He is the fifth parent to have a first name and third to have a full name.

Clare and Martin Langston
Ranger Yellow Summer's parents are not the most thoughtful or caring people, but they are the fourth & fifth parents to have full names in Power Rangers.

Flynn's father
Appears in one ep, "Ranger Blue," he didn't think there was real heroes in life until he met his son. He is a Scottish mechanic.


rman89 said...

Sorry, but isn't Truman a colonel rather than a corporal?

Unsigned said...

I'm gonna repeat what rman89 said- it's Colonel Truman, calling him Corporal is incredibly offensive. Also, Flynn's father appeared in more than one episode, even though it was the same footage used twice.

kevan1700 said...

you didnt mention tommys parents. did they ever show up?

Lavender Ranger said...

No, Tommy had no parents.