Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Power Rangers and Siblings

Thanks to RFyleCreatorAnimator to this suggestion, to highlight the brothers of Rangers.

Tommy Oliver and David Trueheart
Zeo; the Red Ranger finds out he was adopted and his real brother is part of a Native American tribe. He shares his hero secret with his brother. Jason David Frank's real life brother Erik played David, Tommy's brother.

Leo and Mike Corbett
Lost Galaxy; Mike was in the military and went to TerraVenture, Leo snuck onboard. Mike was chosen to be a Ranger, Leo wasn't, but Mike was lost and Leo had become the Red Ranger. Mike later returned and became part of the team. They are the first sibling rangers.

Hunter and Blake Bradley
Adopted but close. Thunder Rangers from Ninja Storm. They are third duo of siblings.

Shane and his brother Porter
Ninja Storm; Shane had a judge-y brother in one episode. Porter was played by Shane's actor's real brother, the second real brothers to play brothers on Power Rangers.

Conner and his twin Eric Mcknight
Even though, never seen together (because played by the same actor James Napier), Eric and Conner were twins. Eric first appeared in the finale of Ninja Storm and Conner was the Red Ranger in Dino Thunder.

Theo and Lewin
In Jungle Fury, Theo the Blue Ranger was revealed to have a twin brother in one episode. Like Conner and his twin, they were played by the same actor.

Scott and Marcus
RPM; The Red Ranger had a brother in the military higher up than him and better loved by his dad. Marus did not make it out alive from the war.


Vida and Madison Rocca
Pink and Blue Rangers from Mystic Force. They are the fourth and last Rangers to be related.

Sisters and Brothers
Andros and Karone
Power Rangers in Space; good brother (Red Ranger) looking for long lost sister who turns out to be the main villainess. She later becomes the Pink Ranger in Lost Galaxy.

Ryan and Dana Mitchell
Lightspeed Rescue; long lost brother of the Pink Ranger becomes evil Titanium Ranger and then becomes good. They are the second duo of siblings to also happen to be Rangers.

Dillon and Tenaya
RPM; Dillon the Black Ranger doesn't know who he is, he later finds out the villainess is his once blind sister. They don't know their real names. Dillon is the second Ranger to have an evil sister.

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Mateus Honrado said...

Don't forget about Jayden and Lauren Shiba from Super Samurai.