Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Poll Results: Favorite Minor Colors of Rangers

Urgent! I accidentally deleted the Poll for the Footsoldiers of Saban Era! Please vote again!

RJ got 88 votes out of 174 votes for 'Other Color Rangers.' RJ was violet, Hunter was crimson, Blake was navy and Kat of SPD was orange and white.

Jason got 141 of 244 votes, Trey the original Gold Ranger of Triforia and Daggeron of Mystic Force got tied at 20 votes.

Zhane of Power Rangers in Space got the most votes at 104 of 232, while Gema, the last Silver Ranger got 60 votes and Nova Ranger of SPD got 11.

Tommy got 147 of 243 votes, Delphine got the least votes at 4!

I decided to split the Red Rangers because there are so many! Eric, the Quantum Ranger of Time Force got 98 votes of 220 votes. Alex, the Time Force Ranger of the year 3000 got the least votes.

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