Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Spotlighting the Power Rangers Voice Actors (Part 3)

Neil Kaplan
Played Witch Doctor in Beetleborgs Metallix, Destruxo & Mutantrum in Power Rangers Lost Galaxy, Diabolico (below) & Gold Beaked Monster in Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue, Gluto (below) in Power Rangers Time Force and Oozemen in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie. From there he went on to do such shows as Digimon: Digital Monsters (Hawkmon), and most recently, Transformers: Robots in Disguise.

Eddie Frierson
He got his start in MMPR voicing Octophantom, Weldo, and Blue Globbor; Mechanizer in Zeo, Terror Tooth in Turbo, Ironite in Power Rangers Lost Galaxy, Strikning in Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue, Frax (below) in Power Rangers Time Force; also Gunslinger & Rollbot in VR Troopers. He has also been known as Christy Mathewson, Ted Richards, and Eric Frierson.

Paul Pistore
Voiced Ferbus (also puppetry, below) and Catatron in Masked Rider; voiced Flash Head in Power Rangers Turbo, and Puppetman in Power Rangers Zeo.

Julie Maddalena
She voiced Fact in Masked Rider (above); Arachnofiend in Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers; D.E.C.A. (PRiS credited as Julie Kliewer, PRLG credited under correct name) in PRiS and PRLG.

Michael McConnohie
Played Gork (below) in Masked Rider, Mole Monster in Beetleborgs, Strikeout in Power Rangers Turbo, Motor Mantis in Lost Galaxy and Mantevil in Lightspeed Rescue. He is the President of the Nevada-based Voxworks voice-acting corporation. He has appeared in over 170 English language dubs.

David Lodge
Not to be confused with the British actor, he voiced Villamax (above) in Lost Galaxy; Loki (above) and Magmavore in LR; Izout in TF; and Barbed Wire Org, Takach, and Kired in WF. He is currently known for his voice role as Kenpachi Zaraki in the popular anime show, Bleach, as well as the supporting voice role of Jiraiya in Naruto.

Ken Merckx
As an actor, he played Count Dregon (above) in Masked Rider and Dr. Michael Zaskin (above) in Time Force. He has been credited as Ken Ring. He has voiced Dregonator in Masked Rider; Repellator (below) in MMPR; Waspicable & Lionizer (below) in PRiS; Ghouligan & Moleman in PRLR; Hardtochoke in PRLG; Shadow Chromite & Translucitor in Turbo; and Nayzor/Super Nayzor in Wild Force. He also played the original Original Orgazmo in Orgazmo.

Tom Wyner
He played Master Vile (below) in MMPR. He also played the voice of Sid the Dummy (below) in the first season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and also Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Chaos Bleeds video game.

He played Bones, Giant, Mighty Minotaur, Knasty Knight, Pineoctopus, Dark Warrior, Genie (below), Spidertron, Frankenstein Monster, Samurai Fan Man, Commander Crayfish, and Doomstone in MMPR; Plague Sentry in Masked Rider; Electrovolt, General Havoc, Goldgoyle in Turbo; Furio, Cannonbrawl in PRLG; Fatcatfish in PRTF; Plug Org, Samurai Org (below), and Lion Tamer Org in Wild Force; Fighterbot, Kongbot, Metaborg, Hammerbot, Crabor, Metalbot, Cranoid, and Skullbot in VR Troopers.

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