Monday, December 27, 2010

Poll Results: New Samurai Ranger Suits / Old Sentai as Power Rangers

Before posting a comment on what I should make a poll about, please click on 'poll results' and check if I already did one
What do you think about that they actually made real suits of the PR Samurai toy upgrades?
Like It 84 (40%)
Not Sure Yet 58 (28%)

It's Okay 40 (19%)
Don't Like It 38 (18%)
Either Way 30 (14%)

What do you think about the live-action PR Samurai upgrade suits?
Like Them 100 (51%)
Not Sure Yet 50 (25%)
On the Fence 35 (17%)
Hate Them 31 (15%)
Don't Care 12 (6%)

What should Maskman be called if transferred to Power Rangers via Goukaiger?
Aura Rangers 148 (73%) -- WINNER
Cosmic Rangers 43 (21%)
Spectral Rangers 29 (14%)
Crystal Rangers 24 (11%)
Gem Rangers 13 (6%)

What should Changeman be called if transferred to Power Rangers via Goukaiger?
Mythical Rangers 138 (68%) -- WINNER
Astral Rangers 36 (17%)
Spectrum Rangers 31 (15%)
Mystical Rangers 30 (14%)
Crystal Rangers 25 (12%)

What should Flashman be called if transferred to Power Rangers via Goukaiger?
Prism Rangers 133 (66%) -- WINNER
Nova Rangers 56 (27%)
Cosmic Rangers 38 (18%)
Crystal Rangers 28 (13%)
Gem Rangers 13 (6%)

What should Bioman be called if transferred to Power Rangers via Goukaiger?
Digital Rangers 122 (60%) -- WINNER
Giga Rangers 47 (23%)
Circuit Rangers 44 (21%)
Servo Rangers 39 (19%)


Luca said...

I LOVE THE NEW SAMURAI RANGER SUITS!!!!!!!! They're so pretty and shiny!!!!!! I want one SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

you should do a poll on whats the biggest part of the super sentai theme the colors the monsters the toys or something else

Lavender Ranger said...

Anonymous, I already have. Click on 'poll results' to see all the polls i've done in the past, because I have done colors and plenty of toy polls.

Anonymous said...

i have one true fear for this new season of power rangers. that they dont properly finish it. it could fall the way of vr troopers masked rider beetleborgs and of course super human samurai squad. they could leave it unfinished and that would truly hurt me. i would leave a glaring blemish on the perfect record of ranger history

Lavender Ranger said...

I understand that fear. But I think Saban will finish Power Rangers Samurai because they said they would have 40 episodes, probably there is a contact. I am sure Saban has enough money to make more seasons.

Luca said...

If there's one thing that was left unfinished, that was KRDK. They left it at such a cliffhanger!

ChrisX said...

Would it hurt if you make up polls about what JAKQ - Dynaman would be called via MMPR Goukaiger? Or Liveman - Jetman as well?

Lavender Ranger said...

Wow. Just wow, Chris X, read the past polls before you comment. I already did Liveman-Jetman. I highly doubt JAKQ-Dynaman will updated for Power Rangers because of the style and age, if they do make updated suits for Goukaiger, then I will.