Saturday, January 1, 2011

Poll Results: Show Props / Go-Kaiger Excitement / Goranger as Power Rangers / Samurai Morphing Call / Moogers

What do you think fans are excited about Go-Kaiger than any other year?
35th Anniversary 187 (80%)
Decade-Like 102 (43%)
Pirate Theme 92 (39%)
Something Else 27 (11%)
It's no more or less 13 (5%)

What is better for props in Super Sentai?
Detailed Props 143 (77%)
Actual Toys 70 (37%)
Simple Props 37 (20%)

What is better for props in Power Rangers?
Detailed Props 143 (80%)
Actual Toys 62 (35%)
Simple Props 39 (22%)

What should the Goranger be called if transferred to Power Rangers via Go-Kaiger?
Go Rangers 88 (38%)
The Original Rangers 81 (35%)
Ancient Rangers 64 (28%)
Alpha Rangers 52 (22%)
Origin Rangers 42 (18%)
Five Rangers 23 (10%)

What are you most excited about?
Goukaiger premiere 208 (73%)
Samurai premiere 193 (68%)
Goseiger Finale 97 (34%)

What do you think about the team jackets of Go-Kaiger?
Awesome 156 (71%)
Some are Cool 35 (15%)
Doctor Who-Ish 32 (14%)
Don't Know Yet 28 (12%)
Looks like 70's 21 (9%)
Some Suck 13 (5%)
They are horrid 11 (5%)

What is a good Morphing Call for Power Rangers Samurai?
Go Go Samurai 132 (51%)
Etch the Element 76 (29%)
Let's Samuraize 65 (25%)
It's Morphin Time 65 (25%)
It's Samuraize Time 37 (14%)
"Go Go Samurai" is the actual morphing call, Etch the Element is something made up for my proposed fan film.

What would had been a better name for the Samurai footsoldiers?
Moogers 91 (39%)
Tashi 80 (34%)
Piranaoids 67 (28%)
Striders 39 (16%)
Caribes 27 (11%)
Fishers 21 (9%)
Moogers is the actual name and Caribes something I made up for my proposed Shinkenger fan film that never was made.

What do you think about the name of Mooger for the Power Rangers Samurai footsoldiers?
Don't Like It 107 (38%)
Like It 103 (37%)
Either Way 67 (24%)


manuel0011 said...

TALKING ABOOUT Super sentai and Power rangers

what happens with your fan fiction Mythical Destiny??

Lavender Ranger said...

On hold now, still in production.

henshin0 said...

hey lavender, too bad you already posted the options for US dairanger poll, because at power morphicon 2010, i ran by my altered dairanger version of MMPR season 2, and they all thought it sounded cooler than the actual season 2 (even walter jones liked it) it's called "power rangers heaven star force". and they get the dai costumes from billy during the replacement or the red, black, and yellow rangers. thei new morph goes, "RED BURNING DRAGON HEAVEN STAR, RANGER POWER!" etc. they totally liked it, maybe the fans would too.

manuel0011 said...

Power Rangers Samurai Premiers Monday February 7th at 8/7C

Luca said...

Is moogers the official name? If so, I'm fine with it. If now, I guess call them demon crabs.

As for the jackets, they're nice but I have more of an opinion on the henshin suits: Red looks awesome, but the rest of the colors don't go with it. And they remind me of the outfits My Chemical Romance wore around the time of their 3rd album. (and sort of remind me of the Matrix trilogy)

All of the morphing calls you posted as options I found to be extremely cheesy and I hope they don't say any of those, especially the ones that reference MMPR. I think each should say something different based on their element.
Like this:

Blue: Resonate!
Yellow: Activate!
Green: Synthesize!
Pink: Initiate!
Red: Ignite!
Gold: Galvinize!

henshin0 said...

Hey lavender, is there any way a guy from California can help in the production?

Anonymous said...

this review on the figures just said when prs is going too come on

near the end of it he said monday feb 7 at 8pm