Sunday, December 19, 2010

Six Degrees of... the Power Rangers #6 - Al Pacino and Melissa Fahn

Henshin0 dared me to do Melissa Fahn and Al Pancio.

Melissa Fahn is a voice actress and there is plenty of voice actors that have voices of monsters in Power Rangers. But the easiest one is that she has done voices for Digimon and Haim Saban owned Digimon for a while and produced the American dub.

Al Pancio was in Angels in America with Justin Kirk

Justin Kirk was in Jack & Jill with Simon Rex

Simon Rex was in What I Like About You with David DeLatour

David DeLatour was RJ in Jungle Fury.


henshin0 said...

wow, my connections were completely different. Fahn was rika in tamers with the actor who did henry wong, that voice actor played kakashi in naruto with yuri lowenthal who was sasuke. yuri played suzaku kuruyugi in code geass, where leluche vi britania is played by none other than Johnny Y Bosch (adam park, MMPR2-PRT, guest on PRIS and PROO.)

Pachino was in "godfather" and "righteous kill" with DeNiro, who was in "meet the fockers" with hoffman, who was in "kramer vs Kramer" with justin henry, who was in "junior defender" with JDF (tomy oliver, MMPR1-PRT, PRDT, and guest on PRWF)

henshin0 said...

here are 2 more challenges. but these should be easy for you at this point. Jackie Chan and Steve Carrell.

i thought about giving a hint, but it would make this too easy