Monday, December 20, 2010

Power Ranger Samurai Action Figure Boxes and Apparently the suits will appear on the show

Zenaku of Rangerboard (Also known as Pkalogerinis on Flickr) has purchased six Power Rangers Samurai figures in North Carolina at Wal-Mart. The Nanashi are known as Moogers. Each Ranger is known as a 'Mega Ranger' without color names but underneath it says their element in three different languages: English, French and Spanish.

Blue/Bleu/Azul: Water/Eau/Agua; Green/Verte/Verde: Forest/Forêts/Bosque; Earth/Jaune/Terre/Tierra; Pink/Rose/Rosado: Sky/Ciel/Cielo; Red/Rouge/Rojo: Fire/Feu/Fuego.

11:50 PM EST Update:
It also seems that the suits are real. At first I thought it was a close up photo of the toys on the front cover of the toys but at further expectation, it seems these will indeed be on the show, including the deluxe swords. A while ago, fans asked Hector David Jr. if the suits would appear on the show on his Facebook. He said 'no comment.' The Deluxe Swords they have in their hands will be sold as role-playing arsenal and appears to be tied to these. This looks interesting but since they already have upgraded modes (Red has 3), now it looks like it will be over-kill. But it does seem that they will use the original weapon and suits but this as an addition.

If it is their attempt to make them look like the Movie MMPR Rangers, I think they should had waited for the movie, or a little later in the series. Their attempt to make them look 'more armored' and 'bad ass.' But I believe they shouldn't had put the silver mouth pieces, but maybe to match it up with the original MMPR. I also don't like how the females have no skirts---if the female Red Ranger appears, will she have this mode? And will we only tell the difference between her and Jayden by just boobs? Saban Entertainment didn't expect us the tell the difference between the Original Yellow Ranger having boobs or not. I'm not crazy about the design but I don't hate them, I just wish we get the regular figures one day.

Zenaku/Pkalogerinis, who bought the toys, confirms that the pictures are the front are real people in suits and not pictures of the toys nor digital recreations.

UPDATE 12/21/10 11:15PM EST
JasonGage uploaded this:
The back of the box of the Samurai Megazord.

UPDATE 12/24/10 1AM EST

I went to Wal-Mart near me in Miami, Florida, at Galloway road, near the area of Sweetwater (those who may know what I am talking about) and found MMPR 2010 toys along with only 1 Red Ranger, 1 Pink Ranger, Mooger and the Samurai Megazord. I snagged the Pink Ranger and Mooger, as I was low on cash. You can imagine the mad house Wal-Mart is right now, a day and a half away from Christmas. Lots of toys, not enough time to rummage through the mess. Most likely the Samurai toys snuck in with the MMPR ones or a scappler snatch most of them away. AND YES THE SUITS ARE REAL, THAT IS FABRIC AND THOSE ARE HUMAN WRISTS.


psowill said...

I kinda want to see them in action first before I judge. but sofar..I'm kinda ok with this.

Jeffrey Long said...

I really like them, except for Pink's.