Saturday, January 8, 2011

Ranger Casts Without Helmets

These pictures are thanks to my pal Helena, who found them around the web:


David and Jason David with Arsenio Hall.


In Space:

Lost Galaxy:


Time Force:

Wild Force:

Dino Thunder:




diego josé said...

This post is ansanely amazing! (and insanely long, it covers a whole page!).

Amazing job, do you mind if I take some?

Anonymous said...

Why does Shane have a Phone in his belt?

Anonymous said...

why does it look like gem has a beer belly. its like the same thing with solaris knight

Lavender Ranger said...

It's Zhane and it's his morpher. As for Gem, I think its just his thighs are thicker than his stunt double, he's much more bulkier.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Gem's just a wider guy than the suit actor. He's not fat, he's just less slimmed down.

Luca said...

Connor looks so hot. If only there were more Disney pictures.

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