Friday, March 25, 2011

Bandai America Event for Japanese Relief Efforts

UPDATED 3/27/11 11 PM EST
Bandai America has now joined donors to relief efforts for those effected in Japan by the tragedy. I've been in California and did want to visit BOA in Cypress but it was too far and I heard they had no tour, but now I wish I was there for this. Above is a picture from Bandai America's Twitter.

"Donors who stop by Bandai America’s headquarters in Cypress between noon and 7 p.m. today for a drive-through fundraiser will get to meet characters from the Samurai Power Rangers, Ben 10 and Swampfire, Lassie the dog and Tamagotchi. Goodie bags are promised, too.

The Bandai drive takes place at 5551 Katella Avenue in Cypress and will benefit American Red Cross relief efforts. Cash and check donations (not food or clothes) are being accepted. Bandai and several related businesses, among them the entertainment company Saban, are part of the effort. Bandai America plans to make a matching contribution for personal donations."

More here at multiamerican

They joined the hundreds of people that turned out for his Youth Run 4 Japan to raise money for the Red Cross.

Saban’s Samurai Power Rangers joined Josh Duhamel for the Youth Run 4 Japan on the Santa Monica Beach on Sunday, March 27. All proceeds from the event went entirely to the American Red Cross’s Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami fund.

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Jon B said...

Very awesome. It would've been cooler if they were called Shinkenger for this, but I approve Bandai America doing this. Kudos to them