Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My Rendition of the 12 Extra Heroes

12 Extra Heroes

Shinken Red (Red Samurai Ranger), Aka Red, BullBlack Kyuuga (Magna Defender), MagiMother (White Mystic Ranger), Signalman (Blue Senturion), Wolzard Fire (Koragg the Wolf Warrior), Black Lion Rio (Dai Shi), Zuuban (Sentinel Knight), Deka Master (Shadow Ranger), Mele (Camile), Ninjaman (Ninjor), and DekaSwan (Kat Ranger).

I know I might have colored some items wrong. I tried touching it up with the computer. If you think the coloring is bad, you should have seen it before, much improved. All of these except for Aka Red and Ninjaman are confirmed to appear in the Gokaiger movie. And I also realize I lost Mele’s left arm and Wolzard’s right arm. Lots of the posing were inspired by Rangerstrike card illustrations and coloring book pages. Mele and Rio were from Gekiranger coloring book; Magna Defender from Lost Galaxy coloring book; DekaSwan, DekaMaster, Wolzard, MagiMother, and AkaRed were from Rangerstrike cards; poses for Ninjaman, Signalman, Shinken Red, and Zuuban were inspired by real pictures.

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Anonymous said...

You are a good artist man.

EZ8 said...

For the most part I agree with you. My only exception would be replacing DekaSwan with VRV Master.

Anonymous said...

VRV isn't a fighter, Swan at least has a combat record.

Plus, besides Ninjaman and AkaRed, this isn't a pick, he used an already revealed roster for the Gokaiger movie.