Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Why weren't other Extra Heroes counted?

UPDATED 2/28/12 11:30 PM EST
I admit I am a little obsessed with this but I find it fascinating. I have a current poll that has Mask X-1, Ninjaman, AkaRed, DekaGold, DekaBright, GoseiGreen, Demon Knight, and VRV Master to choose from, as they were not chosen. Ninjaman is the one that confuses me the most, because I consider him in the same spot as Signalman and Zuuban. I had put Datas, Go-Roader GT, and Daigoyou, and I consider Zuuban in that category, so it's weird. And I admit I didn't count Mele and Rio before, because they are villains, so now my trap is shut.

Magne Senshi (Bioman)
A Tarzan-like friend who liked Yellow Four, he was experimented on by the villains into a warrior, who was being controlled and fought the Bioman. He then defected and fought alongside them. He appeared in two episodes. Don't seem to be remembered by Sentai anniversary stuff. In the logic of Gokaiger in which active Rangers fought, he no longer had his powers so it would make sense he didn't participate in the Legacy War.

Mask X-1 (Maskman)
He only appeared in 1 episode, but he was highlighted for sixth ranger in the 30th Encyclopedia for Boukenger. Maybe he was not counted because he only appeared in one episode, had no toy and was a one-time deal. In the logic of Gokaiger in which active Rangers fought, he no longer had his powers so it would make sense he didn't participate in the Legacy War.

Ninjaman (Kakuranger)
Even though in MMPR, Ninjor was a mentor who would occasionally fight with the Megazords, Ninjaman was a mentor/warrior who could be considered in the same spot as Signalman and Bull Black. So him not being included is a head scratcher. He was the first to fight with the mecha. In Episode 45, it has been revealed he was in a jar during the Ranger War and destroyed by Goseiger's villains but the Timerangers sent the Gokaiger to save him (without their knowledge). He turned out being the Kakuranger Greater Power. He had a toy in Kakuranger and for MMPR.

Gunmajin (Ohranger)
Gunmajin and Auric were both allies like Ninjaman and fought with the mecha (sometimes) but wasn't a big deal, he didn't get a lot of focus. His disappearance was not explained but maybe it can be thought he was stuck in his tiki-form and chose not to be in the Legacy War. He had a toy in Ohranger and a toy for Zeo too.

VRV Master (Carranger)
Many people are confused to why VRV Master is not considered one of the extra heroes, or not even a sixth ranger. VRV Master was the counterpart for Phantom Ranger but in reality, VRV Master only appeared for a few episodes, and a minor mentor. But in Power Rangers, they made the Phantom Ranger a full-blown Power Ranger. In the logic of Gokaiger in which active Rangers fought, he probably was not on Earth so it would make sense he didn't participate in the Legacy War. He only had toys for Turbo as Phantom Ranger.

Demon Hunter Seig (Movie)
Only appeared in a movie and not mentioned in Boukenger's 30th Encyclopedia. I previously said he had 40% chance to appear, so now we know it is zero chance. In the logic of Gokaiger in which active Rangers fought, he probably was not on Earth so it would make sense he didn't participate in the Legacy War.

Abare Max (Abaranger)
Just a power-up for Abared. He had various toys in Abaranger and Dino Thunder.

Deka Gold
Since she only appeared for a few seconds in the Dekaranger movie and also in the movie, it is very understandable to why she was not counted. I previously said 12% chance to appear. In the logic of Gokaiger in which active Rangers fought, she probably was not on Earth so it would make sense she didn't participate in the Legacy War.

Deka Bright
Maybe because she only appeared in one episode that she was not selected. In the logic of Gokaiger in which active Rangers fought, she probably was not on Earth so it would make sense she didn't participate in the Legacy War.

Zuuban (Boukenger)
Shouldn't Ninjaman be picked instead of Zuuban? Even though Sentintel Knight is a warrior in PROO, in Boukenger, Zuuban is a simple creature. It just can say its name, it is sort of like a pet. It only functions when children and humans are happy, not out of anger. I consider Zuuban in the same spot as Datas, Go-Roader GT, and Daigoyou. He was the second to fight with the mecha (BullBlack had to put on armor to do so). He had toys in both Boukenger and Power Rangers.

Aka Red
He might be counted as he cameoed in a flashback in Episode 2 and other episodes of Gokaiger. He appeared briefly in the last episode. I previously said 40% chance to appear, now he has like 65% chance.

Go Roader GT (Go-Onger)
A mindless vessel that the Engines would embody to fight. It was the third to battle alongside the mecha. It can be probably thought it was in the Machine World and couldn't participate in the Legacy War. He had toys in both Go-Onger and RPM.

Daigouyou (Shinkenger)
More of a talking helper bot. It was the 4th to fight with the mecha. Toei said in a book for 199 heroes that most of the mecha was lost so it could be possible he was lost.

Datas Hyper (Gosieger)
More of a helper bot. It was the 5th to fight with the mecha. He was not mentioned in Gokaiger vs. Goseiger but in the book for it, it said mecha were lost.

Gosei Green
Since we never saw his helmet and he only briefly appeared in a flashback of one episode, it is understandable why he isn't counted. I previously said he had 12% chance to appear. He was dead so obviously he couldn't participate in the Legacy War.

Probably the reason these weren't picked because there were only 10 spots and you could only do so much. And in the logic of the show, they were probably 'retired' from fighting and chose not to participate in the Legacy War. Also in a production stand-point, Toei probably thought they wouldn't make attractive-enough Ranger Keys or be remembered by fans.
Arashiyama Misa
The Commander's daughter. she transformed into "Shiro Bara Kamen" - white rose mask. she was also Commander Arashiyama's secretary and took care of the talking dog Shee Shee. She got her own figure in the Girls in Uniform collection.

Commander Ibuki (Changeman)
The leader of the EDS who seems cruel at first but has a caring side too. Eventually, he is revealed to be Yui Ibuki of the planet Heath Star which was destroyed by Gozma.

Flash Titan (Flashman)
A legendary warrior of the Flash Stars. He is the one who the Flash aliens based their Flashman technology and mecha after. He was an honorable soldier who tracked down Mess from planet to planet in order to stop them. As a result of his travels away from the Flash system, he developed the Anti-Flash Phenomenon and died while in battle with Baraki. He got his own RangerStrike card.

Dan (Jetman)
Dan is young and curious, he falls in love with Ako. Dan can change into a 'birdman' form and does so to avenge the murder of this friends and duels Radiguet. Radiguet stabbed him in the gut and he dies in Ako's arms as she makes him a ring out of daisy for him. He appeared in 2 episodes. He later played Dan/Tricera Ranger in Zyuranger.

Neo Jetman Team
A team created by Supreme Commander Ichijou to replace Jetman. They appear from Episodes 40-41. Each of them got their own Rangerstrike cards.

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Anonymous said...

The possible reason why Magne Senshi isn't considered a Sixth Ranger prototype like X1 Mask is because Magne Senshi was a form Yamamori only assumed when he was brainwashed by Gear. When the brainwashing wore off, Yamamori lost his powers and he assisted the Biomen as his regular self. So technically speaking, Magne Senshi was never a sixth ranger prototype, only Yamamori (his alter-ego) was and I doubt they'll get his actor back (considering how many years has passed since Bioman aired).

Ninjaman's omission so far is rather puzzling, considering he hung around a lot with the Kakurangers, both, in and out of costumes. Especially considering Zuban is pretty much his Boukenger's equivalent.

BlueDolphin said...

random thought on the "Barizorg into GokaiSilver" rumor:
If Barizorg does take human form, then maybe Gaku Shindo, the actor behind the voice of Barizorg, might play that character. ( only if the rumor turns out to be true )

Anonymous said...

what about birdman from jetman

Anonymous said...

Maybe Akared is in the movie.

Luca said...

Seig is SO good looking!

Also, I have an ice-based OC named Alexei Xerov based on the Imagin of the same name Seig, as well as the Bionicle Kopaka and the real life ice skater Johnny Weir.

Anonymous said...

Birdman Dan was a lot like Ley Baraki in Flahsman and Lone Wolf Gunther in Fiveman, in which they were all aliens who brought along the team's secondary mecha. Both, Baraki and Gunther, could be considered sixth ranger prototypes, seeing how they actually fought alongside the team against the bad guys in the few episodes they were.

It's kinda funny how every Sentai series between Flahsman and Jetman toyed with the idea of adding of adding a sixth member before the concept was fully realized in Zyuranger.

Flashman: Ley Baraki brought along the Flash Titan and fought alongside the Flashmen.

Maskman: X-1 Mask assists the team in one episode.

Liveman: No sixth ranger prototype, but the team gains two new members mid-series along with the Live Boxer.

Turboranger: Haven't seen it yet entirely, so I can't say for certain (I don't count Ryohei's nerdy friend who steals his powers in that one episode as a sixth prototype).

Fiveman: Lone Wolf Gunther brought along the Five Star.

Jetman: Birdman Dan brought along Jet Garuda.

Anonymous said...

I hope this movie does a good job. It does suprise me why Ninjaman isn't there. I wish Saban and Toei can make a Power Rangers Super Sentai crossover. It would be awesome!

Anonymous said...

After seeing Flashman in its entirety, Ley Baraki is more of a sixth ranger prototype than Eiyū Titan. Titan never actually fought alongside the team. In fact, he died years before any of them were even born. Baraki on the other, fought alongside the Flashmen against Mess in the few episodes he appeared. He even had his own Rangers Strike card.

EZ8 said...

You're missing Shinken Brown on this list lol... j/k.

Lavender Ranger said...

Thanks for the info, I didn't know about Ley Baraki. Interesting. As for Shinken Brown, yeah, funny.

Uncharted101 said...

I added up the heroes the best tht i couldand i got a total of 191 that not including some teams who have had a second person takingon someone's powers did anyone else getthis total and if so who are the other six heroes and does this include Gokai Silver.