Sunday, March 20, 2011

Can you guess the Ranger? #3

I am getting over chest congestion and sinus flu so this is all I can do right now. Guess which Ranger the picture it is. None of the Gokaiger are included and no Gokaiger pictures are used, because to avoid confusion. These are from Goranger to Goseiger. I might have repeated a team (sometimes twice) and even the same Ranger.

  1. Put the letter you are guessing and your guess. If there is a picture you can't guess, don't include it. I don't want to see: 'e. I don't know' or 'e. I think its...' Only put the ones you are absolutely sure about. And don't put 'OR,' only one guess per letter/picture.
  2. You can use Sentai or Power Ranger names but they have to be accurate, it can't be 'ZyuPink' or 'Red Bioman.'
  3. If you commenting as Anonymous, please put some sort of nickname at the end of your message or the Anonymous will be disregarded and won't count. This is because I have to go on more than just 'Anonymous,' there are more than one.

Time Red
No one got it correct.

Pink Racer
Jon B got it.

Deka Red/SPD Red
RFyleCreatorAnimator got it!

Goggle Yellow
OHrangerfan got it.

TriceraRanger/Blue Ranger
Drunken Lemur, Jasper got it.

Blue Swallow
Paolo1350 got it right (once), Jon B too.

Bouken Blue/Blue OO Ranger
OHRanger Fan, Mako_Chan99, Jasper, KamenRiderBlue, and Jon B.

Abare Yellow
Drunken Lemur, Jasper, Blue Dolphin, and Jon B got it.


Drunken Lemur said...

(W) is the TriceraRanger
(U) is GekiRed
(X) is Blue Dolphin
(Z) is AbareYellow

OHrangerfan said...

Lol This one is more difficult.

V-Vul Panther
Y-Bouken Blue

Lavender Ranger said...

Dang, right out the park. Drunken, you got W and Z right. OHRF, you got Y right. As for U, X and V, keep guessing. Good night, I'll post it later today.

Mako_chan99 said...

W-Might be DekaBreak

Jasper said...

S. Hurricane Red
T. Red Mask
U. Ryuu Ranger
V. Mega Yellow
W. Tricera Ranger
X. Change Pegasus
Y. Bouken Blue
Z. Abare Yellow

OHrangerfan said...

S-Timered or Timefire
V-Google Yellow

BlueDolphin said...

U- GaoRed
V- GoYellow
X- AbareBlue

Anonymous said...

Y is boukenblue
-I dont have a blogspot account, so just call me KamenRiderBlue

Anonymous said...

X - hurricane blue
V - Goggle yellow


Edwin said...

(X) is Magi Blue, or so I think

Skyred said...

Z= Go-on Yellow

RFyleCreatorAnimator said...

(U)- SPD Red Ranger / Deka Red.

James Spiring said...

V - MegaYellow

Jon B said...

S Time Fire
V Denji Yellow
T Pink Racer
U Abare Red
W Blue Dolphin
X Blue Swallow
Y Bouken Blue
Z Abare Yellow

I feel confident about my chances. I didn't read the other comments before posting.

ShinkenBlue said...

(S) is Time Fire
(V) is Yellow Turbo
(X) is Magi Blue

Paolo1350 said...

S. Hurricane Red
X. Blue Swallow
V. Goggle Yellow
U. Time Red
T. Wow, no clue. Random guess,
Deka Red

Paolo1350 said...

Ok, I'm sorry about letter T, I forgot about the 1st rule.

Please disregard my first comment.

I will repost my guesses without letter T in my next comment.

Paolo1350 said...

S. Hurricane Red
U. Time Red
V. Goggle Yellow
X. Blue Swan

This is truly fun