Monday, April 25, 2011

Attractive Actor: Gaku Shido

31 year-old Japanese actor and singer.

His debut role was as the Eagle Sazer in the tokusatsu series Chousei Kantai Sazer-X, but he is most well-known for playing Harukaze Kurobane in the Prince of Tennis musicals in 2006.

Eagle Sazer in the tokusatsu series Chousei Kantai Sazer-X

He plays the voice Special Duty Officer Barizorg and has been confirmed to appear in a flashback in Episode 11.


Luca said...

Surprisingly cute considering he's older than most toku guys.

Mugen said...

He is 31? Pretty old given the recent trends.
Personally I'm fine with it, I think the recent trends for an all young cast is a bit annoying. Did you know that most actors in Kamen Rider OOO are actually younger than the roles they play? ( I think Kougami and Maki are the only expections )

James Spiring said...

Mugen, I think Hina is younger than the actress who plays her, as she was at school in one of the first few episodes.

BlueDolphin said...

HOTTIE!!! but are you sure he will be GokaiSilver?

Mugen said...

No, the actress is indeed younger. According to the TV Asashi site, Hina is 18, while her actress is 16.

Hmm, okay, Gotou and date are actully older than their roles That makes them, Maki and Kougami the only ones.

Eiji, Hina and Satonaka are however younger.

Chiyoko is currently actually 30.

So yeah, saying that most actors are younger was probably exaggereated, unless we count the Human forms of the Greeed...

But the point holds true that Toku Actors in generally are much younger.

ThatChick said...

I thought the actor for GokaiSilver was Jun Akida, and Gaku Shido was Barizorg before and after whatever turned him into a Cyborg. If Barizorg reforms too quickly then that wouldn't be a dramatic enough resolution, and would be weak. Joe's mysterious sword teacher (probably Shido) is one of the motivations for Joe's character, and to have that resolved too fast, and have him join the team that quick would be too hasty. I'd rather have Barizorg go to the Gokaiger's side later in the series. There's a lot of confusion involving him and Gokai Silver.

Lavender Ranger said...

Doesn't seem that confusing, ThatChick. This is my theory: Shido/Sid is who taught Joe about swords and they worked together under the Zangyack. But Sid was turned into a cyborg Bairzorg. So most likely either he is cured (like Loki of Gaoranger) or split up into two entities like Zenaku of Wild Force and Sid can become silver. Look at the silver in his hair!

Fantasy Leader said...

Well, no one ever said that GokaiSilver would "join" the Gokaigers. For all we know, he might be a third-party character. Judging by where the series is going, if the Zangyack Emperor does banish Walz Gil to exile, GokaiSilver might continue being loyal to him.

After all, we've had additional warriors who ended up being villains instead of teammates. Ex: AbareKiller, Wolzard, Rio, and Mele.