Wednesday, April 27, 2011


There are two important things that have come to my attention lately:

First of all, it's Wednesday, and that meens that you only have 10 days left to submit your entry. I suggest you start drawing if you haven't started doing so already; which brings me to the second thing.

A deviant art user sent me an entry by e-mail because he can't figure out a way to send it to me via D.A. With some checking, I see his/her point. So here is my solution.

at the front page of my (and other peoples) diviantart account, there should be a section on the right side where other users can write comments on my front page. if you have your entry already deviated, then send me a link for it on my Wall (you might need to add me to diviant watch). If this doesn't work, then just send it via e-mail. Submission description details still apply the same way.

Thank you, and good luck!

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Luca said...

The guys are SO CUTE TOGETHER!!!!!!