Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Late April Gokaiger 199 heroes pictures

UPDATED 4/28/11 7:53 AM EST Gokai Silver

Voices for Tsutomu Isobe (WolzardFire), Tetsu Inada (DekaMaster), Odawa Teruaki (Hyuuga), and Hōchū Ōtsuka (Signalman) confirmed in the Special Thanks (voice only) section. Akira Kamiya will voice the Black Cross Fuhrer, Akira Kamiya once voiced Gunmajin.

Akared confirmed

returning actors in the movie 199 heroes, to be released in June 11, 2011

Naoya Makoto as Tsuyoshi Kaijo /Akaranger

Hiroshi Miyauchi as Sokichi Banba/Big One,

Kenji Ohba as Daigorou Oume/Denji Blue

Jyunichi Haruta as Kanpei Kuroda/Goggle Black

Sayoko Hagiwara as Rei Tachibana/Dynapink

Ryōsuke Sakamoto as Shirō Gō/Red one

Kenta Satou as Riki Hono/Red turbo

Keiichi Wada as Ryuu/Ryuranger

Mika Kikuch as Umeko/Dekapink.

Ari (GoseiPink), Saki (Go-On Yellow) and Moune (GoseiYellow)

Yogoshimacritein vs GokaiBlue and GoseiBlack

Dagon vs GokaiPink and Gosei Pink

So it is Varibloom

GorenGokaioh (to appear in the movie)

EPISODES 11 and 12:

Joe and Sid (Barizorg)

Joe and Marvelous back when.

Episode Summaries
Ep 14 Always Traffic Safety
Kyousuke (RedRacer) stops and lectures a Zangyack's action commander for ignoring the red signal. Seeing this, Insarn fell in love with Kyousuke's manliness. Given that the action commander also likes Insarn, what exactly would happen with this love triangle?

Ep 15 Privateer Appears
A mysterious man who seems to be an old friend of Marvelous appears. He calls Marvelous as Marv-chan.


samsth said...

I don't know about your opinion but I think Saki and Umeko's make-up are kind of weird.

Yeah, and the cameos are expanding, I'm looking forward to Goggle Black and Red Turbo, since their series, Goggle V and Pasukan Turbo (Turborangers in Indonesian) are quite famous in my country.

Anonymous said...

Will the Shinkenger cast be in this movie?

ShinkenSaint said...

Wow.. just wow..

Very glad to see RyuuRanger, Red One, and Red Turbo.

Lavender Ranger said...

J, only Chiaki and Genta will be there.

Anonymous said...

Ok thanks Lavender Ranger.

Jon B said...

Holy...if you heard a girlish squeal, that was me...most likely. :D I'm loving this movie more and more. Even if the Gokaiger and old alum don't meet, this movie will be high on my "Holy S%*$, this rocks" list. I approve of all the alumni lined up for this. :)

ChrisX said...

Wow. For some reason, Sayoko Hagiwara (Dyna Pink) looked really well even after you know, around 28 years... This is gonna be an awesome movie...

Anonymous said...

Ninjaman is not listed in the Kakuranger section of the cast. This doesn't look good for him.

Jon B said...

New Trailer. Happy days. :)

Anonymous said...

I hat how Gokai Silver looks like a pirate kamen rider.

Anonymous said...

Is there a full scan of the 199 Heroes List? The scan in this post cuts off the bottom of the page, omitting the lineup of several teams (namely Dynaman, Bioman, Jetman, Zyuranger, Dekaranger, Magiranger, and Gokaiger). At least we know Ninjaman and Gunmajin won't be showing up (it's still strange they're counting Zuban though).

Mattwo said...

I find it inserting that one of the three pollution minsters shows up. I hope the air and water ones do too.

What's GorenGokaioh? o_O