Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Poll Results: Pink and Yellow Ranger Suits

Have you seen Power Rangers Samurai merchandise other than toys?
50 (26%)
140 (73%)

What day do you like new episodes of PRS?
166 (83%)
34 (17%)

Favorite Pink Ranger Suit? (1)
Gokai Pink
189 (58%)
Gosei Pink
95 (29%)
Shinken Pink
163 (50%)
Bouken Pink
92 (28%)
Magi Pink
110 (34%)
Deka Pink
83 (25%)
Time Pink
110 (34%)
Go Pink
64 (19%)
Ginga Pink
66 (20%)
Mega Pink
100 (30%)

Favorite Pink Ranger Suit? (2)
Pink Racer
83 (29%)
Oh Pink
85 (29%)
Houhou Ranger
126 (44%)
Ptera Ranger
180 (63%)
Five Pink
52 (18%)
Turbo Pink
57 (20%)
Mask Pink
73 (25%)
Pink Flash
67 (23%)
Change Phoenix
63 (22%)
Pink Five
55 (19%)

Favorite Pink Ranger Suit? (3)
Dyna Pink
94 (43%)
Goggle Pink
62 (28%)
Denji Pink
56 (26%)
Miss America
59 (27%)
Heart Queen
84 (39%)
Momo Ranger
90 (42%)

Favorite Girl Yellow Ranger Suit? (1)
Gokai Yellow
198 (68%)
Gosei Yellow
83 (28%)
Shinken Yellow
138 (47%)
Go-On Yellow
100 (34%)
Geki Yellow
107 (37%)
Bouken Yellow
68 (23%)
Deka Yellow
88 (30%)
Abare Yellow
97 (33%)
Mega Yellow
92 (31%)
Yellow Racer
69 (23%)

Favorite Girl Yellow Ranger Suit? (2)
Oh Yellow
124 (59%)
Five Yellow
50 (24%)
Mask Yellow
91 (43%)
Yellow Flash
70 (33%)
Yellow Four
66 (31%)


Tetraboy said...

Great suits, especially gokaigers.

You should do a yellow male ranger poll :)

Luca said...

My favorite pink suits are the ones from Dekaranger-Boukenger. Those seem to be the most neon.

henshin0 said...

I prefer the saturday airing. it lends a certain....C'est cus se.....Jeane' se qua ent power rangers. ok, i don't know french, but the SAT time slot is an aesthetic that makes it more pleasent. does anyone understand what i mean, or am i speaking nonsense?

Mark said...

Hey, post idea:

You ever notice how Sentai always jumps back and forth from "dark" to "kid friendly?" It's like Five(kids)->Jet(dark)->Zyu(kids)->Dai(dark)->Kaku(kids)->Oh(dark)->Car(kids)

Luca said...

Good thing Kamen Rider is usually always dark. (except with Den-o, but he had awesome hair that changed colors so it was awesome anyways)

I guess they figure that the kids will be interested in Sentai for a 2 year phase. First, they'll be drawn in by a kiddy sentai, and then they'll have matured slightly and get into the dark sentai.

Luca said...

I'd probably like Power Rangers better if it was all as dark and cynical as RPM.

Paolo1350 said...

If this poll was a reply to my comment on your previous post from wayyy back, then I thank you.

First off, I CANNOT believe Dyna Pink won, my pick would be Denzi Pink. Easily the easiest to look at for those choices. I am split between Ptera Ranger and Pink Mask and i agree with Gokai Pink.

Oh Yellow? Really? My pick is Yellow Mask all the way. Gokai Yellow is fine but Geki Yellow is tops for me.