Sunday, May 8, 2011

Poll Results: Henshin Calls

For Poll: 1, the winner is Gokaiger's "Gokai Change"; (172 votes, 53%)

For Poll: 2, the winner is Zyuranger's "Dino Buckler"; (132 votes, 52%)

Chakuso 63 (24%)
Ginga Tensei 61 (24%)
Install Megaranger 94 (37%)
Gekisou! Accel Change 60 (23%)
Choriki Henshin 59 (23%)
Super C. Doron Change 45 (17%)
Aura Changer 90 (35%)
Dino Buckler 132 (52%)
Cross Changer 61 (24%)
Five (color) 45 (17%)
Turboranger! 46 (18%)

For poll: 3, the winner is Maskman's "Aura Mask"; (81 votes, 39%)
Liveman 63 (30%)
Aura Mask 81 (39%)
Shut Goggle 56 (27%)
Let's Change 71 (34%)
Bioman 48 (23%)
Dyna (color) 34 (16%)

Goggle (color) 33 (15%)
Sun Vulcan 39 (18%)

Denzi Spark 52 (25%)
Fever 43 (20%)


henshin0 said...

Hey guys, sorry I didn't finish the listing for the 1st poll.

Anonymous said...

And the Mighty Morphing Zyuranger fanboys won again.

rescuesoldier24 said...

I don't know how Gokai change sounds cooler than something like Beast on to people. Gokaiger's henshin call is unoriginal and uninspiring in my opinion. Even Shinkenger's was more original... and cooler.

I always liked the carranger henshin call, it's really catchy and has a lot of energy. Good that Maskman's Aura Mask won the 80s sentai henshin call poll.

Anonymous said...

Oh zyuranger fanboys.....sigh...I give up!

Shinken Saint said...

I just noticed, there is no "KiRyoku Tenshin" of the Dairangers.

henshin0 said...

Ya know, taking the votes from all 3 polls, zyuranger is actually 3rd most popular. Shinkenger are at 2nd with only 6-7 votes behind gokaiger

henshin0 said...

@Shinken Saint
thats because they say "aura Changer"

Anonymous said...

Seems like the poll was influenced more by nostalgia and the awesomeness of Gokaiger.

"Gokai Change" isn't that great a Henshin call. "Let's Go On" was a great call, not "Gokai Change".

BlueDolphin said...

I don't agree with 'Dino buckler' being the best henshin call...'choriki henshin' and 'ginga tensei' was wayyyyyy better......and as for 'gokai change' I agree, it is not the best out of the poll...'ippistsu shojo' was more unique