Friday, May 13, 2011

Saban Brands makes deal with Mega Bloks

"Mega Brands has signed a multi-year global licensing deal with Saban Brands, which excludes Asia. The Mega Bloks Power Rangers Samurai construction toy sets will launch in spring 2012, and will include vehicles and play-sets. "...we are delighted to add Mega Bloks to our stable of license offerings," added Elie Dekel, president of Saban Brands."

I wonder why Mr. Dekel said that Mega Bloks is being added since Mega Bloks already produced Power Rangers products in the past under the reign of Disney. But to be fair, they stopped doing it around SPD. And why so late to be in 2012???!

UPDATED 8/11/11
ToyWiz Preorders, supposed to ship in December but it could be changed
#05741 Red Hero Pack
#05742 Gold Hero Pack
#05743 Green Hero Pack
#05764 Blue Motor Head
#05765 Dekker Motor Head
#05766 Red Motor Head
#05772 Red Zord
#05773 Blue Zord
#05775 Yellow Zord
#05785 Samurai MegaZord
#05789 Red Ranger Showdown [Red Ranger vs. Dekker]

I'm glad Gold Ranger and Deker are getting toys. It is cool they are having Deker, a villain included. Also interesting he is getting a 'Motor Head,' whatever that is. Also interesting we are getting a Yellow Zord, I hope it includes the Yellow Ranger, if not maybe a Green Ranger like MMPR 2010 did but that was Bandai America, not MegaBloks.



James Spiring said...

Multi-year? Probably shouldn't have said Samurai then. I reckon it starts with the Gosei adaptation.

Lavender Ranger said...

well doesnt this confirm the samurai for 2 years thing?

ultra8 said...

Just saw these in my local ToysRus.
They had the Megazord, the Red, Blue and Yellow zords and the Red Vs. Dekker Showdown set.