Saturday, July 9, 2011

Fan Film Parody - Mythical Destiny Trailer #1 & 2

It is finally almost done. My dream project over the course of three years. Even though I refrain from cursing on this blog, there is one curse in this trailer so viewer discretion. And if you are an avid curser, you might not mind the curse. I must say for legal purposes, this is a spoof of Power Rangers and not meant to infringe on any copyright. Power Rangers is the property of Saban Brands and Super Sentai and Gosei Sentai Dairanger is property of Toei inc. The following is for no profit and meant for fun and inspired by fans.
UPDATED 7/19/11 10:15 PM EST

Updated Trailer on YouTube:

Original on YouTube:

Trailer 2 on YouTube:

Meet Tyson
"Spicy Pepper" is just an ADR line, it won't be in the actual video. That was just a joke I liked.


Luca said...

Spicy Pepper would be hilarious, in a Dragon Yoyo sort of way.

And if they're ancient mythical creatures, why are they robots? This is what I have trouble with about PR/Sentai. (that an the fact that everything's been giant for so many seasons in a row and there's no plotline and there's too many women)

Lavender Ranger said...

Luca, I'm glad I didn't make you a contributor. Sometimes I thought about it, sometimes you say cool stuff but other times you don't, like you don't have an 'off' button.

Luca said...

I respect your opinion and understand that it is different from mine.

I hope you understand that this is not spam. It just feels so good to share my knowledge and get my opinion out for the world to hear.